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Lunars: The Red Moon embodies the Balance between Light and Darkness as she moves both visibly and invisibly through her Seven Phases. Her Point of Balance is as dangerous and holy as the Sword Bridge of old, and we may attain Paradise by walking along it, always perceiving the Truth of our place and our actions. There are mystics and visionaries in the Empire who move blindly and instinctively to achieve their higher fate, but embracing such insanity has never been the Carmanian Way: we know where we stand, we comprehend the reasons for our actions, and we move consciously towards our ultimate aims. Thus we can perceive the True Lunar Faith beneath the multitudinous masks and illusions of the Red Goddess more swiftly and surely than her other followers, and act decisively and with purpose to further the Lunar Way.

Dara Happans: The Empire of the Sun turned its back on the Darkness and was overthrown by enemies it could not perceive, let alone confront. The Dara Happan way was ever too gentle, too soft and decadent: they lacked the edge of steel, the grit and determination which led us to victory over them. Their civilisation and its luxuries are admirable, but not enviable: our iron is stronger than their gold. Better a harsh land that breeds heroes, than a soft land breeding slaves.

Pelorians: The Land of Women was dominated by our ancestors ever since the Ten Thousand liberated them from the Spolite Gloom. These are a slothful people, who had mysteries but no understanding, art and poetry but no aptitude for decisive force and action. They are content in their inferior status, as we could never be.

Barbarians: The Enemies of Civilisation. The Golden Empire of Carmania was conquered by barbarous Bull People when it lapsed into Dara Happan decadence, and theirs was the savage force that wrongly opposed the Red Moon Goddess at her advent. The Barbarians still oppose the armies of Truth and Light, and so we make their homelands the Abode of War. Whether near at hand in Vangstal and Brolia, or in far-distant Dragon Pass, they are the enemies of the Lunar Way, and must be brought to heel.

Horse Nomads: Since the Moonrise, we have lived as neighbours to the unruly and brutal Char-Un of Erigia, but our hazars have often taught them the error of their ways. In the Dark of the Moon, we Carmanians were the last true followers of the Magnificent Shah, afterwards recognised as Moonson: at Kitor we swept the horse nomads aside like an avalanche, then reforged the Empire from the ruin they had made of it. Our brass-scaled cataphracts with their scimitars of steel and will of iron can defeat ten times their number of craven, skulking Pentans: they only learn to fight when they enlist in civilised Lunar regiments, under Carmanian cavalry officers.

Arrolians: Cowards and traitors who fled from the Horse Nomads to the distant West. Pah! Whatever they may claim, they are no true kin of ours.

Westerners: They have abused, tormented and corrupted True Religion into a mishmash of sorcery and blasphemy. Do not listen to the lies of the infidel! Until their eyes can be opened, they are lost to the Good God, dupes of the Deceiver!

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