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Carmanians are True: we know where we stand, we comprehend the reason that directs us, we are never uncertain or hesitant in taking decisive action. The teachings of the Magi and the Viziers grant us understanding, and spur us on to righteous deeds. The rightly-guided commands of our rightful Shah are obeyed without question.

Carmanians are Straight: because we are straightforward in word and deed, we shall walk the Sword Bridge that crosses Hellfire to Paradise, remaining unscathed, undazzled by the Light and unblinded by the Darkness, never losing sight of our straight and narrow path, though following it cuts us till we bleed.

Carmanians are Dignified: we have a very fine sense of our own dignity, and react swiftly and mercilessly when it is impugned. We may well appear austere, aloof, and prickly to outsiders and subordinates. (Those of the Bull Shah’s lineage at times overlook these traditions, but they are not of pure Carmanian blood. It goes ill to remind them of this, so bite your tongue).

Carmanians are On Top: we are natural conquerors and rulers. Our ancestors defeated the Spolites to rule Pelanda, and our grandfathers defeated the Dara Happans to rule Peloria. (We do not speak to outsiders of our great-grandfathers, in whose time the first Bull Shah overthrew the last decadent Lion Shah to bring new vigour to Carmania).

Carmanians are Secretive: we rule because we know the truths of Idovanus, the Good God. We must never share these secrets with outsiders, or they could rise in His favour and come to rule over us in their turn. (Although, obviously, when the barbaric ancestors of the Bull Shahs did exactly that, it was an undisputed Good Thing, as all Carmanians now agree). What is more, the lords and viziers of our House possess secret knowledge that other Houses must not learn, lest they use it against us.

Carmanians are Vigilant: history demonstrates that we are not paranoid: they really are out to get us! We are always prudently, justifiably cautious; outside our Houses, we trust the loyalty of others only as far as they should trust our own.

Carmanians are Pragmatic: we have survived the turmoil of history by adapting flexibly to changes in our circumstances, and the dogma of our rulers. Our ancestors served with honour under the First Shahs, the Light Shahs, the Dark Shahs, and the Golden Lion Shahs, and we are now proud to serve under the Bull Shahs, may their reign be eternal!

Carmanians can be Bright: we are the heirs to a civilised and sophisticated culture, which draws inspiration from Western Chivalry, Pelandan Artistry and Dara Happan Nobility. Within the Abode of Peace (the wide lands ruled by the Padishah-Emperor of Peloria), the White Laws prevail: alliances are respected, generosity is encouraged, foreigners are treated with courtesy, viziers and scholars study the skies and scrolls, and even poets can prosper, for this is the Law of Carmanos: “Gold is fairer than Iron.”

Carmanians can be Dark: we are now ruled by a vigorous and dynamic dynasty, which sprang recently from savage stock. Within the Abode of War (those unruly lands which oppose the Padishah), the Black Laws prevail: the Shah’s enemies are confounded on every hand by his forces, which spread War, Pestilence, Famine, and sudden, unexpected Death at his command. All but the holiest obligations must be set aside if this serves the Shah’s purpose, for this is the Law of Carmanos: “Iron is stronger than Gold.”

This article was written as background material for Carmanian characters in Mark Galeotti's excellent freeform game, Birth of the Goddess, set in 1220 ST. Many of the attitudes would still be held in other periods of Carmanian history.
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