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Carshandar was the oldest son of Surandar and the Priestess of the Land. He was not enamoured of war, as his father had been; fortune favoured him in that he came to the Lion Throne after the enemies of Carmania had been crushed, and so could reap the rewards of the peace his father had imposed on the Oronin Valley. The neighbours of the Carmanians feared greatly lest Carshandar should treat with them as harshly as his dreaded father had done. To show they need have no concern in this regard, the Shah made alliance with all of them, taking to wife a lady of the highest birth from each. His four wives were the most beautiful women of all Peloria:

  • A Pelandan earth priestess (following the old Carmanian royal custom, necessary to assert his sovereignty). Their children are appointed as local nobles throughout Carmania [Lover/Earth]
  • A "Blue Woman" from Bindle's Sweet Sea Confederation (Sasasor - Zaronger), to secure peace in the West [Magician/Water]
  • A noblewoman from Enthyr, capital of the former Spolite Empire. She is the mother of the next (fourth) Shah, Shah Asacar. Marriage is a political gesture, perhaps: the son is brought up by his mother, and as a result is rather too Spolite for comfort [Warrior/Darkness]
  • A Dara Happan "treaty wife," for a firm alliance in the East: mother of the fifth Shah, Carmandar. [King/Fire]

[Italics note Hrestoli and Elemental associations]

Carshandar was the first to build a palace rather than a fortress in which to live. He caused its pillars and walls to be raised in the pleasant land of Zhor, named as it was for the homeland of Syranthir.

Third king, so fertility/prosperity. Fat and lazy, his reign is the first time of peace and plenty the Carmanians have known. Spol has collapsed, and he has allied to Dara Happa, and so has no external foes.

Founds the first Carmanian capital, Surandash (superceded by Harandash, then Shardash). Probably near Ulawar; now a ruin. Trade with Dara Happa brings in luxuries, previously unknown. What do they have that we don't? We can give brass, wood, weapons, grain eventually. We are also mercenaries by inclination. They have gold, silk, artworks, jewels, scientists, philosophers, architects?

Lives long and prospers.

Dies fat and old while banqueting.

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