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729 Syranthir Forefront arrives at Lake Oronin. He defeats Aegrastus, the Grey King, then departs for Castle Blue.
Interregnum - no Shah. Carmanians settle in Jhor. Civil rebellions in Pelanda against the Spolites, who are led by Glautor.
750 Shah Carmanos returns from Castle Blue bearing the Tablets of Stone. He liberates the cities around Lake Oronin in his war with Glautor. Spontaneous rebellions in Naveria against the Spolite Empire. Dispersal of the Spolite Gloom. Destruction of the false goddess Oktaki. Naveria regains its independence as a multitude of free states and regions.
780 Dara Happa reunited with aid from the Golden Dragon. Brief war with Ulawar: Carmanian victory through treachery. Carmanians advance to conquer the Oronin Valley and heart of the Spolite Empire.
810 Rape of the Pelandan Women. Wars in Naveria: the Shah betrays his ally
820 General encroachment along the western borders of Dara Happa
830 Baloris barbarians invade Vangstal. Brolian troubles. Carmanians meet Dara Happans and divide Naveria peacefully. The Red City is set aside as a sacred place.
850 Carmanian counterattack into Baloris. Shah turns to Darkness. Founds Ebon City; alliance with the Xarkarsh Trolls of the Yolp Mountains. Dara Happa attacked by EWF; start of the Siege of Alkoth (lasts to 920)
860 Carmania and Charg conquer and divide Baloris.
866 Carmanians invade Doblia/Darjiin - helps a DH/EWF allied campaign. Carmanians gaining territories as Dara Happans cripple them in wars. Return to the Light by new Shah; he is killed while suppressing dissent.
875 Carmanians and Dara Happans split Dikoria (out from under Darjiin). Balance between Light & Darkness. Shah meets Man of Five Stones.
878 Raibanth falls to EWF.
890 EWF efforts to gain Brolia: Carmanians actively oppose, with local help
902 "carmanian Dragonslaying" created by Survilstar with aid of Brolians.
905 "Three Dragons Fall" in Talastar. Survilstar carves out his land there.
909 Carmanians advance through Darjiin, beat Dragon Army at Ulifilas. Most of Darjiin revolts to join Carmanians; oppressed by EWF, no aid.
910 Carmanians march against Raibanth, aided by Yuthuppan army. "Storm of Falling Dragons" battle. Dara Happa revolts under Karvanyar.
913 Raibanth liberated. Carmanians and Dara Happans part company. Dara Happa defeated next year by EWF attempting to relieve Alkoth. Carmanians conquer all Darjiin.
915 EWF repulsed from Dara Happa. "carmanian Peace" for 35 years. Carmanian Expedition to Eastpoint. Dara Happans fight Nomads in north, advancing against EWF in south.
940 Dara Happan Emperor Sarenesh marries Carmanian heiress.
955 "carmanians Kill Dragons" at Old Jillaro. Saird freed.
960 Three Brothers Divide The World: Emperor of Dara Happa, Padishah of Carmania and High King of Saird.
990 First Generation of Peace
1005 Second Generation of Peace
1020 Third Generation of Peace
1042 EWF ends. Heroes return from Saird and Dragon Pass. Troubles start: erNear revolt in Arir as hero rediscovers ancient spirits.
1050 "We Still Hate Darjiin Usurpers!" Alkoth attacks Darjiin (Carmanian allies). First Generation of War, includes the Mountain War.
1065 Second Generation of War. Conflict all along eastern border.
1095 Third Generation of War. Foundation of Haranshold in Darjiin. The epic of the Alkothiad reaches its heroic end (cf. Enclosure).
1100 "Call for Heroes" and muster of the True Golden Horde. Barbarians descend to settle Vangstal; Carmanians cannot stop them.
1120 Dragonkill.
1125 Foundation of Shardash ("Dolebury"/"Burntwall") by Haran's son.
1137 Chaos horde destroyed by Uroxi in Vangstal.
1140 Usurpation by the Bull Shah. Start of the Bull & Lion fights at Taweinos. Shahtavar launches war of conquest against Dara Happa. Terarir taken; Saird "threatened".
1145 Dara Happa takes western Rinliddi. Carmanian takes Sasasor.
1150 War in Arir as Dara Happa tries to "liberate" disgruntled cities.
1155 Carmanians pressing against Dara Happa. Wars in Vangstal and Doblia. Carmania takes the Doblian Alliance.
1160 "The Carmanian March". Series of seiges between Dara Happa and Darsen.
1167 Carmanian army crushed by Dara Happans, according to plan...
1169 Darsen appeals to Carmania for protection against Dara Happa.
1173 Yuthuppa surrenders to Carmania.
1175 Dara Happan emperor is a Carmanian, or a pretender. Henjarl (Alkoth) breaks away from Dara Happa.
1190 Raibanth semi-independent, but under Carmanian lordship.
1200 Conquest of Rinliddi.
1210 Mutilation of the Satrap of Yuthuppa: Yanafal Tarnils flees into exile.
1220 Birth of the Red Goddess. Dara Happan Emperor is a Carmanian puppet.
1226 First Victory; Battle of Eleiu Hararn.
1232 First Battle of Chaos.
1235 Dara Happan emperor is pro-Lunar, rebels and joins Lunar Queendom.
1238 Elz-Ast falls to the Lunars.
1241 Four Arrows of Light: "Shah-Maat". End of the Carmanian Empire.
1245 Battle for Castle Blue
1247 Rise of the Red Moon
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