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The Tribes of Sartar

Away from the loyal cities, the hinterland of occupied Sartar contains many traditional tribes, but much has changed since the Empire liberated this land. The breakdown given here is not official, but is agreed upon by most impartial observers:

Liberated Tribes

The liberated tribes are those that have embraced the message of the Lunar Goddess. They deal with the Empire as equals, and are ruled by loyal client kings, not barbaric despots and usurpers. They are the great future hope of Sartar: in them lies all the promise of the Lunar Way.

The liberated tribes of Sartar are the Balkoth, Balmyr, Colymar, Culbrea, Enstalos, Kheldon, Locaem and Malani. The king of the Balmyr is a talented poet, famed throughout the Provinces, while King Blackmor of the Colymar has echoed his ancestors' foresight with his principled conversion to the Lunar Way. Once again, where the Colymar lead, all Sartarites will eventually follow.

Oppressed Tribes

A few Sartarite tribes still follow the oppressive and archaic Heortling ways, rejecting Lunar law and rules. Some go so far as to actually worship the outlawed god Orlanth, embodiment of murder and rebellion. Although many members of these tribes would instinctively support the Empire's enlightened policies, their oppressive overlords crush out the sparks of Lunar illumination wherever they are found.

The oppressed tribes of Sartar are the Aranwyth, Cinsina, Lismelder, Sambari and Torkani. Most of them must live in unnatural alliances with the cursed inhumans of Dragon Pass, digijelm and durulz, the hated betrayers of Yelm.

East Tarsh

Also known as the "Far Point," this is another liberated region, benefitting from the progressive and enlightened rule of Harvar Goldgiver, Duke of Alda-Chur. The Dinacoli, Princeros, Tovtaros and Vantaros tribes are fortunate to be united under his benevolent guidance.


The ever victorious Lunar Empire has now liberated all the tribes around the barbarian fortress of Whitewall: the Bacofi, Curtali and loyal Sylangi. Only the stronghold itself now remains to the oppressive tribal warlord Broyan and his elite rebel guards. Even the Orlanthi themselves denounce Whitewall as an "improper city." When it falls, a great darkness will be lifted from the land.

Liberate the Oppressed Tribes!

Many of the oppressed tribes are disloyal only because of their leaders. They yearn longingly to join the true Moon Way, once the dead hand of Orlanth is lifted from them.

The Aranwyth, Cinsina, Lismelder, Sambari and Torkani are particularly eager, as are the citizens of Whitewall and other regions under the barbarian yoke. The volunteer settlers from the Lunar Provinces spread their faith with generosity and happiness, delighted at the welcome audience they receive. They are eager to destroy outdated dogma and liberate the souls of the Sartarites.

As was the case in Tarsh, we can see how quickly the liberated peoples, once barbarians, become accustomed to civilised Lunar ways. Starbrow's Rebellion, like that of Palashee Longaxe, represented the last doomed attempt of an outdated society to defy the progress inherent in Lunar Cyclical Time and lash out -- vainly -- against its inevitable replacement.

Throughout Sartar and Dragon Pass, people yearn to throw off the shackles of their barbaric past and live as liberated individuals for the first time. Everywhere, men and women are waiting for illumination to strike and usher in the promised Moon of Peace.


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This is a parody of Sartar Rising: Barbarian Adventures, a worthy tome (albeit a little biased, one could argue), now available from Issaries, Inc. Buy it to see why this antidote was needed.

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