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Malkion was the Lawgiver of the Brithini back in the Age of Logic. He laid down the Immutable Laws for his sons, and told them that if anybody ever suggested changing them, they should be exiled from the Kingdom of Logic. Everyone could understand all of his Laws, which all made perfect sense. The world was a closed system, without Entropy or Friction or anything going wrong: a neat, enclosed, four-element world where everyone lived forever and nothing inconceivable could ever happen.

But then... the world broke, and started falling apart. The Sun went out, the Ice Age began, and Chaos crept into Creation. Illogical things started to happen, and the unchanging Laws of the Age of Logic became a deathtrap for most of their followers. Doing things the old way was now often extremely dangerous, and people start Dying - and there's nothing about that in the old Laws! Panic and despair...

As Chaos entered the world, Malkion received a direct Revelation from the Creator, which showed him how to give hope and comfort to the dying world. He took the new secrets of Salvation through Faith in Solace to his Brithini children, and tried to persuade them of their truth. Many of them were convinced, and followed him. But the others, the Amoral Majority, quite correctly pointed out that his actions were condemned by his own Law. Good law-abiding Brithini that they were, they quoted his own Immutable Laws back at him, and exiled him from Brithos. [1]

These Brithini had listened to Malkion's Revelation, but they weren't convinced. They had no Faith in Malkion, or in anything: theirs was the path of austere Logic. To see it from their point of view, though, we know people were going stark staring loony in the Great Darkness [2]. If Father Malkion had in fact flipped and encouraged mass Lawbreaking, surely it'd be a kindness to send him away somewhere he can't harm others.

Malkion's faithful followers crossed the Raging Sea with him to Seshneg, and lived in Malkonwal, his Holy City, and other places. They worshipped God the Creator with their newfound Malkioni Faith, and were guided in interpretation of the Laws by the Prophet who dwelt among them. As the world fragmented under the onslaught of Chaos in the Great Darkness, Malkion kept his people devoted to God the Creator alone. This single-minded dedication gave him the strength to fight the "I Fought, We Won" battle on behalf of the whole world, pulling everything back together.

[1] "A Prophet is without honour," and all that...

[2] Anyone remember Flesh Man, another insane mortal prophet?

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