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Pope Mardron and the
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Mardron was a Rokari wizard in pre-Bailifes Seshnela (that is to say, a dissident or heretic against the then-established Church), who converted and advised Bailifes the Hammer, and became Ecclesiarch of Seshnela after Bailifes won at Asgolan Fields and declared his kingdom Rokari.

Pope Mardron, a visionary and powerful statesman, convened the Sixth Malkioni Ecclesiastical Council to boost the eminence of his nation's church and ensure international and pan-Malkioni recognition of his patron Bailifes' new kingdom, (also showing off the wonderful achievements of the new order, etc.). This was, however, a flawed Council in some respects - a "quick fix" held during the Closing, delegates could only attend overland or by sorcerous means (which really reduced attendance), while any really difficult matters were "held over" until the next Council (to avoid any unpleasant scenes of disunity, which would ruin the intended message).

The delegation from (corrupt, pre-Hrestoli) Loskalm were allegedly more interested in shafting their rivals from the Old Seshnelan church (just expelled from Seshnela to the Castle Coast) than acting in a theologically coherent manner. So, "bribed" by the Rokari clergy (whatever that means), they voted to recognise that Rokar was indeed a Third Prophet, in the mould of Malkion and Hrestol. "Yah boo sucks to Frowal; thank'ee kindly, Mardron!"

(Cynical mode on: the mutual admiration of aspiring theocracies is a common thread: just think about the Pope cosying up to the Ayatollah on some moral issues. Rokarism means giving more power to the interpreters of scripture, who are the people who attend Church Councils, and are therefore predisposed to vote in favour of increasing their own power. QED?)

Nowadays, the Hrestoli Idealists of Loskalm call this the "Blasphemy of Leplain" -- proof positive of the corruption of the Church in the Bad Old Days. They reject the Sixth Council as invalid and unrighteous. They deny that Rokar was a Prophet, or Mardron a Saint. (Naturally, the Rokari have little respect themselves for Siglat - a dreamer! - or Snodal - a trafficker with demons who got what he deserved! Besides, they've only known about these worthies for a few decades... the jury's still out).

Is that the whole story? I doubt it. What if (blending Christian with Gloranthan themes) the Holy Spirit of Malkionism really did descend upon the Sixth Council, and the quite unbribed delegates of assembled Malkionism voted piously and faithfully as they reasoned and felt: that Rokar was indeed a True Prophet of the Invisible God? Then the "Blasphemy" story is spin-doctoring by the modern Hrestoli Church, while Rokarism's founder (the Prophet Rokar) and chief architect (Saint Mardron) were just as wonderful as Good Pope Theoblanc tells you they were today!

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