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Rufelza, Our Red Goddess

is the current manifestation of
the primal Lunar Goddess

Sedenya, Goddess of Cycles

source of all cyclical powers

Sedenya is also called the Mediator, the Turner, and the Great Sacrifice. Though she was destroyed in mythic times, her subsequent resurrections have brought liberation to humankind and all the universe. Invisible for millennia, she is now known to all through the Seven Forms of the Lunar Goddess.

The Virgin Goddess

Full Half
Verithurusa is the Goddess of Innocence. At creation, she was a pure planetary deity in the Perfect Sky of Godtime. Encouraged to be herself, Verithurusa expressed her inner nature and offended the gods of old. She is the protector of children, and the Lunar initiation rites are her most active form of worship.

The Queen of Heaven

Crescent Going
Lesilla is the Woman Goddess; she is vehicle of the Life Force, the Bearer of Life, and She Who Dies For Us. She once ruled the kingdom of Mernita, and was given the choice of dying herself, or of all her people dying instead. She sacrificed herself, and was pulled from the sky. Since that time she has lived among womankind as one of them, teaching mortals the secret of her Spiral Path.

The Suffering Woman

Dying Moon
Gerra is the Goddess of Grief and Sorrow. Once a great and powerful goddess, she was degraded and defamed and brought low by the ruling deities. They say she insisted upon unspeakable things, but we know she demanded only her rights. Thus although she was innocent, she was hurt and tortured. Her holy places in old Carmania are gruesome sacrificial pyramids where initiates mutilate themselves. Although many initiates die every year, many more volunteer and often come from hundreds of miles away to suffer and die there. Gerra is called Our Mother the Shadow.

The Great Teacher

Black Moon

The Changing Deity, Goddess of the Seventh Self, Liberator, and Goddess of Illumination, Rashorana took many forms, and had many strange powers which she did not use, for she had no interest in either the mortal or the divine realms. Such restraint was one Teaching of this deity, the First Mystic. Rashorana's secret power opens beings to the Mystical World: we call this "Illumination". As Rashorana was troublesome to the unchanging world, she was often assailed by her foes. As Atarks, it was castrated. As Jernotius, he was turned to stone. As Osentalka, he was made incomplete by the Incompletes. As Nysalor, he was dismembered and cast about. Yet despite this, she is always there to be found, to those who can bear to seek her within their deepest selves.

The Huntress

Crescent Coming
Orogeria is the Great Huntress, Lady of the Wild, and Keeper of Life and Death. She has taught people how to hunt and to survive in times of trouble. She was very active and widely recognised in many ages, especially in the pre-civilised Wendarian days, and also in the Great Darkness. When the Manimati hunters stalked the Spectral Woods it was Orogeria, the Arir Huntress, who led them. After her Illumination she took her wisdom to the skies when she was the planet Ulurda. Most of her modern worshippers are the hunters and huntresses from the forests and hills of Arir and Darsen, in western Peloria. The Red Hunters, however, are powerful spirit hunters.

The Balancer

Empty Half

Natha is the Goddess of Balance, both of Blessing and of Nemesis, thus an active manifestation of the revolving power of change. Natha has used her powers to bring life or death, light or darkness, good or evil into the world, as was necessary to maintain the work of Creation. This was not the result of some plot or plan - it was Balance. She has been recognised and feared for a long time, and has received propitiatory sacrifices and dire invocations from Carmania and Dara Happa for many ages.

She Who Comes

Full Moon
Zaytenera is hailed by her devotees as the goddess of compassion and knowledge, often called the Great Mind. Zaytenera is the experience of Knowing All, a state which may be realised only when a being exercises compassion. Thus Compassion is, or brings, or is the result of, Consciousness. Zaytenera is the goddess of Universal Consciousness and of the peace which that condition brings. Because this condition has not yet arrived, she is also called "She Who Comes." She is the divine spirit of union with the Cosmic All, the reconciliation between the mortal, divine and mystical worlds. Zaytenera worship includes mystical practices to reach the Eternal Moment through transcendental meditation and abnegation of the self.


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