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Yanafal Tarnils
Ram and Warrior

Yanafal Tarnils Rune
Duke Yanafal was a Carmanian renegade from Yuthuppa who founded the Lunar Army and defeated his former master Humakt in battle. He is worshipped by all the officers in the Lunar units of the Red Army, and by their common soldiers also; and by many officers in other regiments. The Scimitars of Yanafal are heroes of the Empire.

Irrippi Ontor
The Brown Man

Irrippi Ontor Rune
In mortal life, Yanafal's companion was a celestialoger, sorcerer and magus. He is now the Empire's god of scholarship, education and literacy. His Red Sages seek out Lunar Truth, and their libraries contain countless learned tomes to uphold and propagate the Lunar Way. Scribes trained in his scriptoria fill the ranks of the Imperial bureaucracy.

Danfive Xaron
Bridge for the Seeker

Danfive Xaron Rune
A bloodthirsty outlaw who sacrificed himself voluntarily for the Lunar Way, his grim cult provides a last chance for criminals to rehabilitate themselves. By obeying the harsh rules of his Overseers in prisons, chain gangs and work camps, anyone can attain salvation and rebirth in the Goddess. The cult also operates an internal security force of informers and agents, called the Black Army.

Jakaleel the Witch
Spindle Hag

Jakaleel the Witch Rune

A blind priestess from the troll-haunted mountains of Jord, devoted to Subere, Gorgorma, and the hellish beings of primal darkness. Her temples are asylums for the insane, and her worshippers are Witches, who explore the diverse horrors and solaces concealed within the mysterious realms of darkness and insanity.

Teelo Norri
Young Life

Teelo Norri Rune
An innocent orphan from the streets of Blessed Torang, she is now the cupbearer to the Red Goddess. Her cult maintains the Fund for the Poor Movement, and performs many charitable works, providing a corn dole to the destitute and running poorhouses and orphanages throughout the Empire.

Queen Deezola
The Binder Within

Queen Deezola Rune

A potent Earth Priestess of Peloria in her mortal life, one of the few who know the path of the Weaver of the Skies, she is now the source of many spells of healing and harmony, a favoured patron of nobles and poets. Her cult also co-ordinates the internal agricultural market of the Empire, arranging the transport of surplus produce between its different regions.

Unnamed Servant
She Who Waits

A mysterious person, spirit or deity, whose unfathomable secrets and powers are known only to the elect few who are chosen for her cult of the Secret Moon. She may be the collective spirit of the Seven Mothers, similar to Ginna Jar or Arachne Solara. There are hints that she is linked to - or confused with - the cults of the Blue or White Moons.


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This is an extract from The Lunar Pantheon, an article by Greg Stafford, Nick Brooke and Sandy Petersen, published in the Rough Guide to Glamour.

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