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The surface of the Red Moon is truly heavenly. Its landscape is a paradise of trees and flowers, rivers and seas, silvery roads and shining cities. It is a place for HeroQuests: treat it as you would Yelm's Heaven, Subere's Underworld, or Magasta's Depths.

Its inhabitants are the Gods, Demigods and Heroes of the Lunar Pantheon: the Red Goddess, the Seven Mothers, the Immortal Full Moon Corps, and other worthy Lunar dead. The Red Emperor has at least one Palace on the Red Moon, and the greatest, noblest and most pious leaders of the Empire can be found here.

That's the Bright Side, at any rate. The Dark Side of the Red Moon is another kettle of fish altogether: nobody knows what insane, chaotic monstrosities might lurk there! (Moonson's rumoured second Moon Palace is on the Dark Side of the Moon: shades of Tiberius at Capri).

You can certainly see Glorantha from the Red Moon: we know that the Red Goddess watches over her Empire. As Glorantha is flat (well, a "slightly bulging, squarish lozenge", to be exact), the question of just what the surface would look like to a hypothetical 'normal' observer situated upon the Red Moon is rather moot: similar to the way it would look from the Pole Star, only closer to the viewer, I suppose.

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