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Lunar Runes from Hero Wars

The Red Moon
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Moonie Madness

Carmanian Sources

Malkioni Scriptures


Sedenya, High Goddess of Lunar Powers

HW p.82, G:IttHW pp.95, 97
Rufelza, The Red Goddess
HW p.85, G:IttHW p.97
Taraltara, Secret Fire of the Goddess
HW p.86, G:IttHW p.97
The New White Moon
G:IttHW p.122
Etyries, Tongue of the Goddess
HW p.77, G:IttHW p.102
The Seven Mothers (Collective)
HW p.87


Runes of the Lunar Goddess

Verithurusa, The Virgin Goddess

Ent p.112; Empty Half
Lesilla, The Queen of Heaven
Ent p.112: Crescent Going
Gerra, The Suffering Woman
Ent p.112: Dying Moon
Rashorana, The Great Teacher
Ent p.112: Black Moon
Orogeria, The Huntress
Ent p.112: Crescent Coming

Natha, The Balancer

HW p.82, G:IttHW p.97 (also Ent p.112: Empty Half)
Zaytenera, She Who Comes
Ent p.112: Full Moon


Runes of the Seven Mothers

Yanafal Tarnils, Ram and Warrior

HW p.89, G:IttHW p.102
Irrippi Ontor, The Brown Man
HW p.77, G:IttHW p.102
Danfive Xaron, Bridge for the Seeker
G:IttHW p.102
Jakaleel the Witch, Spindle Hag
HW p.78
Teelo Norri, Young Life
(HW rune font)
Queen Deezola, The Binder Within
HW p.75
She Who Waits, unnamed servant


Proposals to sort out Danfive and Jakaleel's published runes being too similar

Danfive Xaron, variant
(based on Rashorana rather than Gerra)

suggested by NB

Danfive Xaron, variant
(based on Lesilla rather than Gerra)

suggested by GS
Queen Deezola, variant
(based on Rashorana rather than Lesilla)
suggested by NB if DX = Lesilla

Note that these last three "runes" were made up by NB and there's no reason to think any of them is correct, if you're happy with the similarity between Danfive Xaron (G:IttHW p.102) and Jakaleel the Witch (HW p.78). NB isn't; GS apparently isn't, either.


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