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The Old Gods and the Lunar Way

The Red Moon
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The Red Goddess demands only that her freedom (and that of her worshippers) be recognised and respected by other living powers and gods. She does not reject their rights or powers, and she does not insist on changing their worship. Because her Lunar Cosmos encompasses the mortal and mystical realms as well as the divine realm within which the Old Gods exist, she knows their importance in the world and has no desire to interfere with their worship or power.

The Old Gods who preceded the Lunar Way still receive worship within the Empire. The Lunars accept Yelm as Emperor of the Cosmos, and Malkion as ruler of the Material World. Citizens in Dara Happa and Peloria worship Lodril, Dendara and Yelm; provincials in the highlands follow Ernalda, Barntar and the Seven Lightbringers; allies beyond the Glowline preserve their ancient tribal ways. All are welcome to participate more deeply in the rituals of the Lunar Way, and many choose to avail themselves of this opportunity, while remaining devout followers of their traditional rites.

Orlanth, the Last Enemy

The only exception is Orlanth, the Last Rebel, eternal enemy of peace and stability. Worship of this turbulent and barbaric deity is prohibited within the Empire, and its campaigns of conquest have been intended to break his power. Former worshippers of the Storm God are encouraged to worship tamer, more palatable atmospheric deities, such as Molanni, a consort of Yelm, or Entekos, goddess of Good Weather.

Orlanth was not chosen by the Red Goddess as her Last Enemy. Their hostility is a cosmic process, and inevitable. When Rufelza's cyclical revolution replaces Orlanth's turbulent rebellion as the motive principle of the Middle Air, then Orlanth will no longer have a place in Glorantha.

The defeat of this troublesome and disobedient god will finalise Rufelza's integration into all Glorantha. Vast lands in the East, West, and South will not need to be conquered by the Lunar Empire to defeat Orlanth. Their ultimate acceptance of the Lunar Way will be inescapable when Orlanth is bound.

This is an extract from my article on "The Lunar Pantheon" printed in the Rough Guide to Glamour.

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