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Imperial maps are justly famed for their accuracy and foresight. The tourist maps of Sartar available from the Ibex Moon society show a network of inns and mansiones dotted at convenient intervals across the province, offering exquisite yet affordable cuisine and lodging to all civilised journeyers. Meals from Beat Pot Aelwrin's Moon Rock Cafe; bath houses operated to the highest Imperial standards of hygiene and self-indulgence; private dining rooms with vomitoria, bed- and orgy-chambers sufficient to suit all tastes.

Warning: the Lunar Empire has a special relationship with Time. Although they are confidently depicted on our maps, none of these hostels has yet been built. Please plan your journeys accordingly, and remember to ask your tour guide for an update.

We strongly urge travellers not to depend on the generosity of any Heortling community. Although the natives of Sartar are, by and large, peace-loving friends of the Lunar Way, the risk of unpleasantness is best avoided by travelling with a large, heavily-armed escort and never depending on the hospitality of the natives.

The small print: the Ibex Moon society accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or injury, howsoever caused.


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This is a parody of Sartar Rising: Barbarian Adventures, a worthy tome (albeit a little biased, one could argue), now available from Issaries, Inc. Buy it to see why this antidote was needed.

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