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As we know, the Lunar Way embodies progress (being born within Time), and is directed towards individual liberation and cosmic transformation (cf. Talking to the Moon Woman). The Lunar Empire is more rigid and old-fashioned, and currently provides the eggshell within which the Way can come to fruition, by supporting and defending its grand educational and spiritual projects, and extending its temporal spread. The culmination of the Lunar plan is not, therefore, a world-wide Empire ruling over conquered subject nations everywhere: it is a transformed, healed, unified Cosmos, attained through mystical and not physical means. This much is Lunar Orthodoxy.

A White Moonie might go further: at the Birth of the White Moon, the Empire will be cast aside like an abandoned husk, and the New Spirit of the Lunar Way will spread its wings and take flight, redeeming the Universe. If they think the time for this transformation is now, this would explain the recent increase in dissent and unrest. Some see the prophecies of the Coming Age as prerequisites for rather than results of the Lunar Transformation: WE must create a world at peace, in order for the White Moon to emerge (rather than "when the White Moon comes, the world will be at peace", an interpretation preferable to the Powers That Be).

Always try to keep in mind the Arrolians and Redlanders, who follow the Lunar Way outside the Lunar Empire. They clearly don't think the Triumph of the Lunar Way depends on the Empire, or they'd have signed up as member-satrapies yesterday...

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