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Rick Meints writes:

Greetings all,

I am proud to announce the imminent publication of Gloranthan Classics Volume III - The Cult Compendium. Printing is under way and I am scheduled to receive delivery of the finished books in July.

In light of this, I am now accepting advance orders of the book. Before I get into the logistics on how to do that, let me tell you a bit more about the book.

Gloranthan Classics Volume III - The Cult Compendium

352 pages, hardcover (with dust jacket) and softcover. In general, it is very similar in layout to the first two volumes. The book contains over 40 cults, including all of the cults found in Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror and Trollpak. To round out the book I have also added in Gloranthan cults from White Wolf and Different Worlds magazines. Associated background articles from Wyrms Footnotes and similar sources give you a complete breakdown on how rune magic, spirit magic, elementals, and runes operate within the game world. To wrap up the book I've added all of the designer's notes, some of which have never been published before. A vastly improved index makes this material accessible all in one book. The topics are vividly detailed with the addition of over 50 new pieces of art, bringing the total over 110 snapshots into cult life (and death). Lastly, it's also worth mentioning that I've added genealogies for the various pantheons along with an updated cult compatibility chart surpassing even the one found in the RuneQuest Companion. In the end, it is a book that can provide untold hours of Gloranthan reading and gaming fun.

What version of the rules does it use?

Just for absolute clarity, the original material has not been updated for the Hero Wars or HeroQuest games published by Issaries Inc. The material is as originally presented, albeit with a new layout and extra art. If multiple versions of a cult were published, the last official version is used. Almost all of this material was written for the second edition of the rules.

So how can I order it?

The Cult Compendium retails for 60 US Dollars (43 Pounds, 65 Euros) for the hardcover and 45 US Dollars (32 Pounds, 50 Euros) for the soft cover. As before, these prices include surface mail postage to anywhere in the world.

(Note: this represents better deal than either Pavis & Big Rubble or Griffin Mountain. I've got a better deal on the printing costs by using an American printer and I'm passing them directly on to you.)

Payment Methods:

  • Paypal payments in US Dollars: email

  • Credit Card Payments in Euros: visit

  • Please make checks or Money Orders payable to R. Meints.

Mail UK Pound Payments to:

Rick & Karen Meints
37 Greenfields Road
Horsham, RH12 4JL
United Kingdom

Mail US Dollar Payments to:

Rick & Karen Meints
3450 Wooddale Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
United States of America

Any questions, please email me at

Thanks for helping me set Glorantha back 25 years!

(PS: Nick Brooke came up with the wonderful slogan)

~ Rick Meints

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This announcement has been cleared with Moon Design Publications. It is presented here as a public service. Nick Brooke has no financial relationship with Moon Design Publications (although we do occasionally buy each other's rounds), and under no circumstances should you send me money. Unless you really want to, that is...

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