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Gregged Again

A Gloranthan Lament

The Red Moon
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On Borderlands and Cults of Prax
I've spended wheels and lots of clacks.
On RQ 3 I've not been lax,
I've studied all I can.

I've struggled hard to puzzle out
Just what Glorantha's all about
From manuscripts that logic flout
Come straight from Stafford's pen.

Was Arkat true Gbaji's twin?
And was the Rape of Thed a sin
of Ragnaglar or Orlanth in
The times ere there were men?

Was She Who Waits the Goddess Red
Who lived before great Yelm was dead?
Or was the Goddess born instead
In Torang's humble bed?

Of what was wrought at Castle Blue
And other mysteries false and true,
I thought I'd learned a thing or two
Or maybe nine or ten.

Then King of Sartar hit the streets.
I swear upon Deezola's teats
That Elmal all my lore defeats.
My God, I'm Gregged again!

Poet: Dennis Hoover

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