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The Sons of Yelm

The Red Moon
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Ye sons of Yelm! Ye sons of Yelm!
Come gather from across the realm.
Attend the grand reunion!

Among you who would take His place?
And of you who would not embrace
Familial communion?

"I was first," said Murharzarm,
"I ruled the world at His right arm.
I was the best and brightest.

"Ever wise and always kind,
A better God you'll never find,
Try howe'er thou mightest."

"That much is true.
I'll grant your due.
There was never one so fine.

"But now you're dead,"
Bold Shargash said,
"And I am next in line."

"Who are you to play this game?
I do not recognize your claim.
You cannot hope to win.

"For I am bright Antirius,
And I have rights imperious--"
At which Yelorna butted in,

"You surely can't be serious.
Your protestations weary us.
You're not my father's kin!"

"Do women talk,"
Did Vrimak squawk,
"At councils of their betters?

"I am the one!
I am His son!
And she should be in fetters!"

As Yamsur held his sister back
For fear the bird she would attack,
Yelmalio spoke out,

"O, Vrimak great, recant you must.
In truth, your words have been unjust;
Of that there is no doubt.

"O, Eagle wise,
Who rules the skies,
You do not know my sister.

"She really sweet,
A maid complete
You never would resist her."

Yelorna seethed.
Yelorna heaved,
And Yamsur could not hold her.

"A vicious slur!
He's such a cur!
I've never met one bolder!

"Who was your dam? Who was your sire?
How were you born, I might inquire,
That you should be here with us?

"Please spare us your beliefs absurd.
You're nothing but a wretched bird
Who contaminates the mythos!

And then a pile of dust was heard
to say, "If taken at your word,
Ernalda is your mother,

"Whose lovers line up in a row.
Your never could your father know,
Be it Yelm, or yet another."

O Sons of Yelm, Oh, sons of Yelm
Be gone! Go back across the realm,
And cease to fight and bicker.

You slander, curse, and sling your mud.
It must be said of Yelm's red blood,
That water would be thicker.

Poet: Dennis Hoover

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