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Here is a capsule discussion of the various Gloranthan moons. It draws on published sources; Greg Stafford is currently learning more about the Moon, but I'll do my best to stop him contradicting anything herein.

There are currently two Gloranthan Moons; there used to be a third (and pieces of it may be lying around), and there may eventually be a fourth.

The Red Moon hangs in the sky above the central Heartlands of the Lunar Empire. It appears as a beautiful crimson orb, half black and half red, rotating through a weekly cycle. The Red Moon can be seen from almost anywhere in Glorantha (unless a mountain, cloud, tree, roof, etc. gets in the way). The Lunar Empire is limned by a magical boundary called the Glowline: within this the Red Moon is visible even in its Dark phases, as it appears surrounded by a corona-like effect. See the Lunar Sphere for a brief description of her surface features.

The Red Moon is associated with peace, prosperity, justice, fair rates of taxation, sanitation, housing, public order, hygiene, generosity, good taste, beauty, charm, wit, education, wisdom, love and harmony, by those who know her blessings. Everyone else associates her with Balance, Cycles, Time, Veils, Mirrors, Illusions and Insanity, and (some allege) Chaos as well.

The Red Goddess, who created or became the Red Moon, and who still dwells upon it, is patron deity of the Lunar Empire, the most civilised and reasonable nation of Glorantha. She heads a pantheon of enlightened and wonderful gods and goddesses. My assistants at the Temple of the Reaching Moon will be delighted to provide you with more information on how best to worship them.

The Blue Moon is almost never visible. It appears to be an irregular fragment which rolls up the outside of the Sky Dome (and hence cannot be seen), pulling the waters of the world up as it rises. When it reaches the Zenith, it falls through and plunges down Magasta's Whirlpool into the Underworld, as the tides turn. People who know when and where to look might see a blue streak at this moment.

The Blue Moon is associated with Tides, Invisibility, Hidden Forces, Bats, Murder and Assassins. She is said to lack any intellect. Her worship is found (or rather concealed!) among the mutant trolls (and other beings) of the Blue Moon Plateau in north-eastern Peloria, allies of the Lunar Empire; and also among the Artmali blueskins of Zamokil, in the far-distant south of Pamaltela. Sailors know of her ways, as much as anyone does. Some folk call the Blue Moon Goddess 'Annilla', but I don't think many Gloranthans know this name.

The Moon of Godtime is very mysterious, and a lot of work is being done at present to divine its nature. Some people say the Red and Blue Moons are sundered halves of this ancient goddess, but the mythical truths have been confused by subsequent reinvention of the past (and by the fact the God Learners seem not to have understood any of the Moon Myths).

This 'original' Moon is associated with Unprovable Theorising, Wild Speculations, and Distortion of Evidence, and probably with Cycles of Fertility and the like as well. She may have been a Solar Heresy; on the other hand, Patriarchal Yelmic Sun-Worship may have been a heretical revolt against a primordial Lunar Matriarchy. The Blue Moon Plateau in Peloria might be a chunk of this Moon, or of the Blue Moon, or the two may once have been the same, or she may have been a quasi-Solar goddess called Sedenya the Turner, who may have been the primordial Moon Goddess... and so it goes. Anyway, your guess is as good as any Gloranthan's: nobody knows what the truth really is/was, nowadays.

The White Moon is just a heretical rumour, and I'm not going to talk about it.

Oh, alright then: some religious nuts in the Lunar Empire think the Red Moon will be replaced by a White Moon which will be even better (as if!). They think there's something wrong with the perfectly adequate Moon we have at present, and are trying some imbecile notions (like pacifism, celibacy, vegetarianism - you name it!) to see if this will make any difference to her colour. Luckily, the Lunar Empire is a tolerant and all-embracing place, and we haven't yet decided to crack down on them.

The White Moon is associated with Heresy, Blasphemy, General Silliness, and Sandal-Wearing, Drug-Taking Dropouts.

Other Moons: There is no reputable evidence for either a Yellow or a Green Moon, despite occasional time-wasting discussions by 'scientific' types on the Digest. The "Black Moon" is the name of the second dark phase of the Red Moon, although in the East Isles (I understand) it's the name of a celestial body which existed only in Godtime, taking the place of the White Moon of Godtime, which was destroyed.

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