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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Brostangian Archmoor

Hierophant of Carmania

Age: 44
Career: Religious
Religion: Carmanian Dualist
Culture: Carmanian
Disposition: Cautious, ambitious
The Red Moon
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You are the oldest son of Yolanela, called the Taloned Countess. Although the world believes you to be the son of the Count of Spol, you know that your true father was a good and kind Magus, who must have been seduced by your witch of a mother. You were still a boy of fourteen when you caught your father beating and abusing Yolanela on the battlements of his castle of God's Rock. He accused her of infidelity, saying he had caught "that sly traitor lurking around the castle," and swore he would cast her "and her bastard offspring" out into the cold.

You leapt to defend your mother: pummelling away in a furious rage, you knocked the Count over the precipitous ramparts. Seeing the Count dead, you were inconsolable, until your mother soothed you: "There, there, my child. Don't be frightened: that man wasn't your real father. Your father was a good man, a kind and gentle man, and you can be like him if you study hard. This - thing - has no part in you." Your emotions are impossible to describe: shock, outrage and deep relief all at once.

Your younger brother, Alehandro, was chosen to inherit (with Yolanela as his regent for eight years until he came of age): you were destined for higher things. Following your mother's guidance, you were already deep in the study of sorcery. Although she would have chosen you to be the Count's heir, you refused (knowing yourself to be a bastard, and fearing you would bring a curse on Spol as a parricide and murderer).

Yolanela is a scheming and manipulative woman: you have learnt much of your guile and subtlety from observing her at work. Knowing that you could not stop her from using you in her plots, you left God's Rock to study Holy Law in the sacred temple of Carmanos the Prophet: no women are permitted within its precincts. There you learned the Truths of Light and Darkness.

Before you were enrolled in the College of Magi you spend two years in Dragon Pass as an army officer. This was a good time for you, and you often use your experiences there to lecture your younger brother on military matters.

After entry into the College of Magi you rose rapidly in the religious orders, spending a brief time at the University of Glamour to learn the great secrets of the Red Goddesses adoption of the Carmanian religion into her pantheon. Three years ago you were elected Hierophant.


The Great Houses of Carmania

You are descended from one of the ancient noble houses of Carmania, rulers of the Empire that was overthrown at the rise of the Red Moon. The Carmanians have proud and austere traditions, holding themselves aloof from those of lesser birth and following the rituals of noble life from their ancestral strongholds in the West Reaches.

Every Carmanian is born into a Great House, a secretive and insular bloodline preserving antiquated traditions of rule. Though they may appear paranoid to outsiders, you know that the rivalries between the houses can be intense and deadly, erupting at times into ruthless campaigns of assassination and terrorism aimed at the utter destruction of opposing families.

The Imperial Governor of the West Reaches is Palamtales, who strives to mediate between the Great Houses from his court at Kitor.

Carmanian Dualism

The Dualist Church of Carmania oversees all other religions and cults within the West Reaches, including those of the Lunar Way. Its Magi decide whether religious beliefs are acceptable or heretical.

Carmanian Dualism is rooted in the opposition of great cosmic principles: Good and Evil, Light and Darkness. The Magi adore Idovanus, the Wise Lord, and thwart the schemes of Ganesatarus the Evil One. Their first touch-stone is Truth: Ganesatarus is the Deceiver, and his agents can appear as fair and wholesome as any of the helpers of Idovanus: nevertheless, their fair exteriors can conceal a multitude of foulness. The second is Necessity: leaders are often called on to inflict harm, a principle of Darkness which can be used in the service of the Light.

You are the Hierophant of Carmania, head of the Carmanian Dualist church.

The College of Magi

You have followed a career in the College of Magi. Only the wisest students of Holy Law are permitted within the precincts of the Temple of Carmanos at Brinnus. Here, they study constantly how to determine the Truth through examination, investigation, purification. The Magi alone are permitted to commune directly with the Wise Lord: the Carmanians know how religions can be corrupted by their worshippers, and have preserved the purity of their own through this exclusivity. (Interestingly, the cult of the Red Goddess has learned this lesson, admitting only those who can pass the scrutiny of the Examiners).

The most senior member of the College of Magi is the Hierophant of Carmania: yourself!




  1. Always go one better than your brother, Alehandro. Impress him with your success and importance within the Dualist Church of Carmania. Let everyone know religious virtue is more important than martial posturing!

  2. Impress your mother, but avoid her scheming.

  3. Avoid or put a stop to any scandals which might bring your family into disrepute, whether they involve you, your mother or brother. Blood is thicker than water!


  1. Char-Un warbands have been raiding into Spol. The leaders of the Char-Un are present for the New Year Ceremonies. If you can persuade them to desist, the status of the Dualist Church will be greatly enhanced in the West Reaches.

  2. Increase your power and prestige within the Lunar church but getting important religious appointments.

  3. You wish to build a new cathedral and name it after your mother. However, you will need 15 influence from the annual Budget. Put your claim into the Red Dancer of Power as soon as you can.


  1. Your mother always taught you to give generously to Teelo Norri orphanages. Make a donation of at least 5 influence to one (or at least more than your brother).

  2. You know little about the White Moon, a religion which may well be the next step in the evolution of the Lunar Way. If you can learn its secrets, your church will be well-placed to profit from its rise.

  3. The cause of Carmanian Dualism will be advanced if Moonson declares the new year to be either a Black Moon or a White Moon year (the latter has never been announced, but would greatly please your Magi and result in increased prestige).

  4. The Carmanian Magi have lost the Scroll of Whispers, an occult work of Holy Law. It was sent to the Danfive Xaron archive department to be vetted for its heretical content, and then returned. However, the archives refuse to accept it was ever delivered. You have a receipt from the Imperial Courier service confirming receipt! You must get this sole copy of the scroll back!

Who You Know

Your Family

Yolanela: your mother is known to many as the Taloned Countess, and oversees your younger brother's inheritance of Spol on his behalf. She can appear as a grasping and domineering woman, and persistent rumours have it that she murdered your father - though you cannot bring yourself to believe this.

Alehandro: your younger brother Alehandro is the Count of Spol, commander of the Queen's Regiment of heavy cavalry which fights for the Empire in Dragon Pass. Everyone is very proud of him, and you seek to outshine him in your own chosen field of religious virtue.

Personal Acquaintances

Lergius Cassius, General of the Provincial Army: you served with this officer in Dragon Pass and became firm friends with him. He had risen from the ranks and was loved by his men for his understanding of their needs. It also meant he was a very experienced and competent soldier. You suspect Alehandro has none of these qualities. You have not seen Lergius for many years - he is Alehandro's commanding officer.

Palamtales: the Governor of the Western Reaches (Carmania) often has cause to liaise with the Hierophant. He is well aware of your importance in maintaining calm in the Western Reaches, and you respect him as an efficient administrator.

Through your Career

The Red Dancer of Power, demi-deity: she is the premier religious functionary of the Empire and you will need to impress her in order gain higher religious offices.

Miriros Conradin, Colonel in the Black Army: this man is in charge of the Danfive Xaron archives and should therefore be responsible for the outrageous loss of the Scroll of Whispers. You must confront him with your evidence and demand the return of the scroll! If he cannot help then you should go to his boss, Grandmaster Orsorkhon.

Through your Culture

Artaphaestos: the son of the deceased Count of Jhor, he has not been seen in the West Reaches for many years. Instead he has been carving himself out an Empire in Arrolia.

Orgrol the Fat: King of the Char-Un. He and his warlord Ignatieff have the power to stop the raiding cossacks who have terrorised your homeland.


Other Knowledge

The Malachite Phalanx is a Heartland Corps regiment of a thousand Lunar hoplites. These troops were assigned for deployment into Arrolia in support of your mission, but their commander has refused to reinforce you, probably reflecting the old grudges of the Red Army's high command.

Facing the Music: Your family prides itself on having remained in Carmania to face the horse nomad invasions of two centuries ago, when others, turning their backs on their Lunar heritage, fled to the West with the Arrolian Migrations.

The East Isles Bubble is the name given to a failed commercial and trading venture which was to be launched from the frontier port of Corflu. The East Isles company was set up to manage the venture and collected investments from Lunar citizens, promising them large returns. Unfortunately, the venture collapsed and Lunar trading vessels never left Corflu for the East Isles. None of the investors money has ever been recovered or the perpetrator's behind the scam arrested. The Red Dancer of Power was a major supporter of the venture, though her losses were minor.


  • Alehandro was always your mother's favourite.

  • There has always been a great rivalry between you and your brother, which can not really be described as a friendly rivalry.

  • The Danfive Xaron archives have lost the only copy of the Scroll of Whispers, an ancient Carmanian Holy Law text.

  • The University of Glamour is the key to holding Glamour in the event of civil disorder.

  • Char-un warbands are raiding the County of Spol.

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