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by Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow, David Hall, Kevin Jacklin and friends

Best of Glorantha 2001 Nominee
Winner of the Spirit of Glorantha 2001 award

Life of Moonson Characters

- Acutus, Prefect of the Mother's Guard
- Alehandro, Count of Spol, Captain of the Queen's Regiment
- Appius Luxius, Provincial Overseer
- Artaphaestos, Ambassador to the Arrolian Colonies
- Beat-Pot Aelwrin, Commander of the Imperial Bodyguard
- Bellex Maximus, the Imperial Warlord
- Brostangian Archmoor, Hierophant of Carmania
- Commodus the Fair, Governor of the Redlands
- Didius Copernicus, Dean of the Field School of Magic
- Fazzur Wideread, Tarshite Usurper
- Squire Flint, Thrice Blessed Ambassador
- Fod-Ariam, the Red Sage of Glamour
- Fyodr Volkhovos, General of the Blue Army
- Geilbonus, Speaker of the Imperial Senate
- Great Sister, Protectress of the Lunar People
- Gul-Taran, Sultan of First Blessed
- Haroun al-Rastari, Sultan of Karasal
- Hasperat, Keeper of the White Moon
- Icilius Overholy, General Guide to the Lunar Spirit
- Hetman Ignatieff, Warlord of the Char-Un
- Ivex Devouring Dog, Imperial Tax Collector
- Jar-Eel the Razoress, Superhero and Inspiration of Moonson
- Jubba the Hood, Head of the Emperor's Spoken Word
- Count Julan, Captain of the Household Foot
- Lergius Cassius, General of the Provincial Army
- Makkrit-Oor, Sultan of Darjiin
- Meritus, Lunar Examiner and Jakaleeli Witch
- Mikos Thiokonos, The Emperor's Voice, Imperial Chamberlain
- Miriros Conradin, Colonel of the Grim Soldiers
- Moonson Argenteus, the Red Emperor
- Murad Iznik, the Red Admiral 
- Orgrol the Fat, King of the Char-Un
- Orsorkhon, Grand Master of the Cenobites
- Palamtales, Governor of the Western Reaches
- Prince Pardidas, Sultan of Sylila
- Paulis Longvale, Author, Senator and Famous Wit
- Queen Penelori, Satrap of Oraya
- Phirgia, Queen of Holay
- Quinscion the Patient, Provincial Tax Collector
- Rascius, King of Aggar
- Red Dancer of Power, Directress of the Seven-Year Plan
- Rhaffa Khan, Sable Khan and Satrap of Kostaddi
- Roan-Ur, "The Red Claw," Commander of Military Forces in Aggar
- Sitzmag Redmoon, Captain of the Antelope Lancers
- Sor-Eel, Senator and ex-General
- Thalia Springtime, Colonel of the Guides
- Thanuk of Thunder Delta, General of the Reserve Corps
- Ul-Rika the Weathergirl, Still Voice of Molanni
- Var-Eel, Satrap of Oronin
- Yolanela, the Taloned Countess of Spol

Life of Moonson Background

- Index
- Cultures
- Religions
- Careers
- VIPs
- Red Storm Season 
- The Prophecy of the Dark Emperor
- The Jaxarte Papers

The time is Sacred Time, the date is 1632, the place the city of Glamour, capital of the Lunar Empire. The leading citizens, dignitaries and allies of the Empire are gathered for the New Lunar Year celebrations.

The Empire is about to be reborn for another year. A glorious Seven-Year Plan has just ended. The Lunar Empire is at its height, invincible, illustrious and incomparable. But elsewhere other forces are on the move, ancient and unchained forces that are set upon the Empire's destruction. Will they fail like all other enemies before, or has the tide finally turned?

Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson is a 50-player game of Lunar politics and intrigue. The players are the rulers, generals, bureaucrats and allies who make up the might of the Lunar Empire.

As a player, you have the opportunity to wield awesome power and influence, to lead great armies, control dread magic and fantastic creatures, or just conspire and back-stab your way to countless riches and rewards.

Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson is a fifty-player Gloranthan freeform, written by Nick Brooke , Chris Gidlow, David Hall and Kevin Jacklin, with Rick Meints and MOB.

The freeform was first played at Glorantha-Con V in Victoria, British Columbia, in the summer of 1997. It was repeated in Melbourne, Australia at RuneCon Down Under the following winter, and its final outing was at Convulsion Goes Fourth in Leicester, UK in summer 1998. - Your index to all the best Gloranthan websites

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