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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

Cult Compendium

In Wintertop's Shadow

UW2: The Thieves' Arm

Kim Englund's RuneQuest Link Page (now maintained by Issaries, Inc.) tries to list all the different RuneQuest sites on the web, both in English and in other languages.

MOB's Glorantha Page includes a treasure-trove of articles and scenarios by Michael O'Brien from zines and products, past and future. Don't miss the two Moonson stories, or the Sun County and MGF scenarios!

John Hughes' Questlines is one of the must-visit Gloranthan site. Gors and gallt from the Far Place, Aranjara Dreaming, astonishing 3D artworks, and more besides!

Jane Williams' Glorantha Page is well worth visiting for Sun County heresies, songs, feminism, Vinga, Kallyr, and her own Gloranthan Songbook, not forgetting the incredible work she's done on Virtual Pavis.

Bruce Ferrie's Glorantha Page has more of his excellent myths, sample Hero Quest characters, and campaign writeups.

Charles Corrigan's Glorantha, Hero Wars and Hero Wars Program Page does exactly what it says on the tin.

Oliver Dickinson's Griselda Page is a new site for an old friend. Hop on by and read up on Griselda the TV Series!

David Dunham's Gloranthan Information includes general Gloranthan resources as well as indexed articles from many unusual campaign settings.

Searchable Glorantha Digest Archives are available at the Glorantha Digest site, or you can download the lot from Brian Kondalski's Archive. The old Glorantha Digest FAQ is still available online.

A-Sharp publish King of Dragon Pass, the prize-winning storytelling Gloranthan computer game.

Issaries, Inc. publish HeroQuest. Their site contains a well-concealed treasure-trove of Gloranthan information (the Old Library): follow this link.

The Unspoken Word publish excellent support material for HeroQuest.


Gloranthan Ephemeris (Freeware, 25k ZIP archive, requires VBRUN300.DLL to run on a Windows PC)

I wrote this program in Visual Basic, back in 1994. See the README.WRI file in the archive for installation instructions, disclaimers, and other information. The Gloranthan Ephemeris will only work if installed to the C:\STARMAPS directory. This program is supplied "as-is", with no guarantees or support. See also Mr Tines' Java Ephemeris, a vastly superior successor to my efforts.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

Awards! - Your index to all the best Gloranthan websites

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