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Welcome to, the award-winning foremost Lunar Propaganda Organ on Arachne Solara's World Wide Web. This site is devoted to the exploration of Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, and in particular the Lunar Empire, the Malkioni West, and Old Carmania.


About Glorantha

Chaosium, Inc. Glorantha is the magic-rich fantasy world created and explored by Greg Stafford and countless others over several decades. A world of myth and heroes, it subverts fantasy cliches and has a quirky sense of humour all its own. Issaries, Inc.

A-Sharp, LLCOriginally known through the wargames Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods and the role-playing game RuneQuest (published by Chaosium, Inc. and Avalon Hill), it is now the setting for the computer game King of Dragon Pass (published by A-Sharp) and the role-playing game HeroQuest (published by Issaries, Inc.).


About Etyries

Etyries RuneEtyries is the Lunar Goddess of honest and truthful communication. Unlike the tired old barbarian merchant-god, Issaries, she doesn't see you only as "customers," from whom she can make a quick buck by selling you any old tat, regardless of whether you want it or not. Rather, she seeks to enlighten you, bringing you the illumination of the Lunar Way, enabling you to play your part in transforming Glorantha into a better world for all.

Don't Buy From Issaries Merchants!Etyries possesses many great secrets which Issaries has never fathomed, and she reveals truths which he, in his ignorance, has rejected. Listen to her, and learn things Issaries doesn't want you to know!


About Nick Brooke

Moonie RuneNick Brooke is the author and compiler of much of the material on this website. He has been a fan of Glorantha since the early eighties, and was active in Gloranthan fandom throughout the nineties, travelling to conventions in the UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Australia as a guest, hosting SingalongaNick and Storytelling events and the Cultural Exchange.

Reaching Moon MegacorpHe worked on many Reaching Moon Megacorp products, including Wyrms Footprints, How the West was One, the University of Sog City Conference Guide, Tarsh War, Life of Moonson, and the Rough Guide to Glamour, as well as Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine and the new Gloranthan Classics line from Moon Design Publications.

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Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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