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Confess All to the Unspoken Word!



The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

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In Wintertop's Shadow

UW2: The Thieves' Arm

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Faith in Glorantha
HeroQuestions & Answers
Lowlights of Sobjectivity
Masks of the Gods
The "Short" History of Glorantha
Whatever Happened to the One True Glorantha?

Essays by John Hughes
- Do Ducks Have Teeth?
- Lozenge Building 101

Runic Metaphysics is a collection of articles on various meta-Gloranthan themes and concepts: not so much "what?" as "why?" Here's where I opine in vague and general terms about HeroQuesting, the nature of the Gods, whether Gloranthan worship has anything to do with faith... and all that jazz.

Some of these pieces were previously posted to the RuneQuest Digest and its successor mailing lists. Some are cleaned-up versions of dialogues or composites.

The two essays by John Hughes are gratefully reproduced with the author's permission. Thanks, John! There's more where that came from at QuestLines, his superlatively good Gloranthan website.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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