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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

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UW2: The Thieves' Arm

28 July 2004 - migration to new server, having fun with new styles, menus etc. Let me know if anything looks broken to you: send email to nick at etyries dot com.

4 October 2003 - set up a local mirror of HeroQuest Voices.

2 July 2003 - added the Gregged Rune and Why we Prefer to Follow Authority to the Ranting and Raving section.

14 June 2003 - added the Carmanian Creation Myth.

5 June 2003 - added a make-your-own booklet Songbook [658 kb, PDF].

1 June 2003 - enhanced my old article on Horse Peoples of Glorantha.

30 May 2003 - added the Aeolian Church to the Manirian Journeys section.

29 May 2003 - added Mediaeval Glorantha to the Malkioni Scriptures section

23 March 2003 - sing along to Mystic Kind of Magic, and celebrate one of the choicest cuts from HeroQuest! See also Carmanian Customs and Manners Under the Rule of the Bull Shahs, and Customs, Gestures and Manners of the Nobles of Rinliddi, both parts of the background for Birth of the Goddess.

21 March 2003 - join in the Irrippi Ontor Song, fresh from GloranthaCon VIII!

12 December 2002 - the first new content on my Tekumel Site for many years: John Nowicki's tragic lament, The Time the Emperor Died.

5 August 2002 - added The Roots of Hellwood by Ken Rolston, plus excerpts from our correspondence on the Hellwood Aldryami which led to that article. Opened a new section of Ranting and Raving with two old Digest articles: Faith in Glorantha and Masks of the Gods. Unveiled the product page for Moon Design's Cult Compendium.

3 August 2002 - added The Evil Empire to the Moonie Madness section.

2 August 2002 - Malk Williams' poem The Ballad of Wind-in-Trees has joined the Folktales.

26 July 2002 - Loz Whitaker's two stories from Convulsion C02 now grace the Folktales: To Live and Die in the Hollow and The Delicate Sound of Thunder. The warm-up event from Convulsion Goes Fourth, Masters of Luck and Death, has been added to the Cons.

16 April 2002 - two sets of Dario Corallo's Cardboard Heroes: Chaotic Scorpionmen (1 MB) and Yelmite, Humakti, Orlanthi and Odaylan Warriors (2 MB), in immense, high-quality TIFF-format downloads.

5 April 2002 - a new story, Tim Ellis's The Children of Mralot, in the Folktales.

22 March 2002 - three new songs and poems by "Trotsky" and Dennis Hoover in the Songbook.

23 February 2002 - added Who Rules the Lunar Empire? to the Moonie Madness section.

21 February 2002 - added Elmal Clans by Jerome Blondel and Bryan Thexton [removed at author's request, 18 Dec 2002], the Manirian Journeys section, and more Convention Commentaries.

20 February 2002 - added the first installment of the Rough Guide to Sartar, intended as an antidote to Sartar Rising 1: Barbarian Adventures.

19 February 2002 - opened the Convention Commentaries section. Added The "Short" History of Glorantha.

2 February 2002 - added a link to John Hughes' Questlines.

23 January 2002 - added a link to SPQR (Steve Perrin's Quest Rules).

3 July 2001 - added The Way the Moon Turns and Lunar Runes from Hero Wars to Moonie Madness.

9 May 2001 - added the Gloranthan Mailing Lists.

8 May 2001 - added Sor-Eel the Short, Mikos Thiokonos, Beat-Pot Aelwrin, Jar-Eel the Razoress and Moonson Argenteus to Life of Moonson!

6 May 2001 - added Peter Metcalfe's account of Illumination in Hero Wars to Moonie Madness, and his Malkioni Knights and Malkioni Wizards & Sorcerers to the Malkioni Scriptures.

5 May 2001 - added the full writeup of the New Hrestoli Idealist Church, first seen in Tales of the Reaching Moon #13.

4 May 2001 - added John Hughes' article Do Ducks Have Teeth?, a selection of Lowlights of the Sobjectivity Debate, and the Life of Moonson characters Haroun al-Rastari, Jubba the Hood, and Var-Eel.

29 April 2001 - reorganised site.

20 April 2001 - added Bruce Ferrie's story How Vinga was Left Out in the Cold to the Folktales, and Queen Phirgia, King Rascius, and Lergius Cassius to Life of Moonson.

17 April 2001 - added Bruce Ferrie's story How Eurmal Lost His Stick to the Folktales.

12 April 2001 - added ordering details for The Unspoken Word's Map of the Lunar Empire.

11 April 2001 - added Bruce Ferrie's story How Chalana Arroy Brought Voria Back to the Folktales.

9 April 2001 - added Makkrit-Oor and Prince Pardidas to Life of Moonson, and my article on The Oronin Valley, first seen in Tales of the Reaching Moon #16, to the Carmanian Sources.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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