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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

Cult Compendium

In Wintertop's Shadow

UW2: The Thieves' Arm

2003 Songbook [658k, PDF]
Formatted as a 20-page booklet (5 A4/letter pages):
print out double-sided and fold together to assemble.

Lunar Patriotic Songs


Sartar Nationalist Songs

And the Band Played Dance of the Goddess
The Ballad of Beat-Pot Aelwrin
Dance of the Goddess
The Imperiale
The Irrippi Ontor Song
Lunar Marching Song
The Lunar Phalangites
Men of Furthest
New Lunar Anthem
O Little Town of Blest Torang
Over the Hills and Far Away
Pelorian Rhapsody
The Red Vexillum
We Like The Moon


The Day the Fire Died
Raise the Tribes for Starbrow
Sartar the Brave
Waltzing and Hunting
The Wyrm-Tangled Banner


Malkioni Hymns

Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken
I Vow to Thee, Oh Loskalm
To Be Hrestoli


Dara Happan Anthems

RuneQuesters' Laments

Land of Dara Happa
The Sons of Yelm

Hero Wars Ga Ga
Gregged Again
Mystic Kind of Magic

If you've heard me singing before, my apologies (for any number of reasons!). These Gloranthan songs are culled from the Songbook we use at SingalongaNick, a perennial event at RQ-Cons, Glorantha-Cons and Convulsions.

Now includes MIDI music files for every song:
just click the Harmony Rune (Click here for Music) to hear the tune!

Don't miss Jane Williams' Gloranthan Songs, a wonderful resource.

Mike Dawson has a lovely Pavic Lament on his fine site.

Issaries, Inc. are now developing their own collection of Gloranthan Songs, which has inauspiciously opened with a selection of whinging moans from Orlanthi barbarians.

And where would my singing career be without the inspiration of Sid Kipper and his late, lamentable father Henry Kipper?

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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