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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

Cult Compendium

In Wintertop's Shadow

UW2: The Thieves' Arm

Carmanian Sources
History, culture and religion of the Lunar Empire's West Reaches and the Oronin Valley.

Gloranthan Folktales
Light-hearted stories written for reading aloud to an audience: not all of them are entirely serious. Home
General administrivia: what this site is about, what it all means, and where to find more.

Etyries' Journeys
Some far-off places I've visited: Maniria, Hellwood, Prax and the Lunar-occupied land of Sartar.

Gloranthan Songbook
Printable songbooks for the SingalongaNick events, regularly held at all good Gloranthan conventions.

 HeroQuest Voices
'What My Father Told Me' and 'What The Religious Guy Says' for seventeen Gloranthan homelands and races.

Malkioni Scriptures
Religious history of the West: prophets, sects, local colour, and the Sog City guidebook.

Convention Comments
Reviews of bygone Gloranthan conventions, including C3D's MOLAD icebreaker event.

Tekumel Website
The odd one out: a compilation of histories and mysteries from the world of the Petal Throne.

Moonie Madness
Lunar cults, imperial politics, plus the fifty-player freeform game "Life of Moonson."

Runic Metaphysics
Articles on meta- Gloranthan themes and concepts: not so much "what?" as "why?"

Ranting and Raving
To crush my enemies, drive them before me and hear the lamentations of their women.

Website Updates

17 December 2004 - the Map of Sog City has been watercoloured (how apt!) and greatly enhanced by Klaus Viljanen. Thanks!

28-31 July 2004 - ongoing migration to new server, having fun with new styles, menus, site structure, etc. I reckon I'm past half way, now. Let me know if anything looks broken to you: send email to nick at etyries dot com.

4 October 2003 - set up a local mirror of HeroQuest Voices.

2 July 2003 - added the Gregged Rune and Why we Prefer to Follow Authority to the Ranting and Raving section.

14 June 2003 - added the Carmanian Creation Myth.

5 June 2003 - added a make-your-own booklet Songbook [658 kb, PDF].

1 June 2003 - enhanced my old article on Horse Peoples of Glorantha.

30 May 2003 - another old new piece on the Aeolian Church, to warm you up for all that Esvulari goodness in HeroQuest and the Unspoken Word's line-up.

29 May 2003 - we're back in business! Now that Lokarnos is up and running, let's see what we can add here... how about an old piece on Mediaeval Glorantha to get things started?

23 March 2003 - sing along to Mystic Kind of Magic, and celebrate one of the choicest cuts from HeroQuest! See also Carmanian Customs and Manners Under the Rule of the Bull Shahs, and Customs, Gestures and Manners of the Nobles of Rinliddi, both parts of the background for Birth of the Goddess.

21 March 2003 - join in the Irrippi Ontor Song, fresh from GloranthaCon VIII!

12 December 2002 - the first new content on my Tekumel Site for many years: John Nowicki's tragic lament, The Time the Emperor Died.

28 August 2002 - new "Paper Wars" Heroes for Glorantha: Dario Corallo's cohort of Cross-and-Sickle Lunar Troops!

11 August 2002 - good news from Issaries, Inc.: Orlanth is Dead!

5 August 2002 - added The Roots of Hellwood by Ken Rolston, plus excerpts from our correspondence on the Hellwood Aldryami which led to that article. Opened a new section of Ranting and Raving with two old Digest articles: Faith in Glorantha and Masks of the Gods. Unveiled the product page for Moon Design's Cult Compendium.

3 August 2002 - added The Evil Empire (an old Digest piece) to the Moonie Madness section.

2 August 2002 - Malk Williams' poem The Ballad of Wind-in-Trees has joined the Folktales.

26 July 2002 - Loz Whitaker's two stories from Convulsion C02 now grace the Folktales: To Live and Die in the Hollow and The Delicate Sound of Thunder. Also, Masters of Luck and Death (the warm-up event from Convulsion Goes Fourth) has been added to the Cons.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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