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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

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History of Carmania

Carmanian Sources

Timeline of Carmanian History

I've uploaded my old notes towards the History of Carmania: you can find these through the links in the Outline of Carmanian History. The notes are unfinished, not updated since the "work-in-progress" publications of the late 90s, and span the Second Age history of Carmania. The most evocative parts of the early text (shown in bold italics) are by Loren Miller. With any luck, you'll be able to use this to build on the bits of my Carmanian lore which were included in Imperial Lunar Handbook, Volume 1.

See also:

Loren Miller's Carmania Page has excellent gaming material, stories and background from his House Zemady RuneQuest campaign.
Kevin McDonald's Lions of Rhugandy campaign has Hero Wars keywords and comprehensive players' handouts for gaming in Carmania.
Keith Nellist runs Hero Wars games set at the time of the Blood Kings' War, and has posted much interesting stuff to the Glorantha Digest and HeroQuest-RPG groups.
Wesley Quadros' Glorantha Site III includes a sample Carmanian hazar generated in Hero Wars (directly linked).
Terra Incognita's Blue Magi site (Japanese) has an English-language legend of Syranthir and Charmain which is a lovely addition to the mythos.
Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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