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This site contains links to a bunch of Tekumel-related material I collected off the Internet. This is a personal selection of things that interested me: I have edited some pieces together to form a more coherent narrative, and have done my best to credit all the original authors.

I'll apologise up front: there is nothing new here. This site is a collection of material I've been able to get my hands on. Some of it has been cannibalised or reworked, but all of it has been in the public domain. Links to the original sources are included below.

I'm sorry if your own favourite piece isn't here, or if I haven't acknowledged one of your contributions, or if I am grievously wrong in something collected here. Please email me any corrections and I'll process them for future versions of this homepage (there's a mail link at the foot of this page).

Sources perused to gather this material included:

  • newsgroup archives from June to August 1994 and January to June 1995;

  • Tekumel Digests from #01 (May 1991) to #59 (August 1993);

Contents and Credits

The Time the Emperor Died

A moving ditty by John Nowicki, which makes a perfect complement to my Timeline (below).

Timeline of Recent History

Based on a timeline by Robert Dushay and the Eastern Campaign narrative (full text included separately), fleshed out with events posted to Tekumel groups mostly by Bob Alberti detailing unfolding events in the Tsolyani Civil War.

The Eastern Campaign

A detailed narrative of Prince Mirusiya's highly successful campaign on the Eastern Front, through the Pass of Skulls into Milumanaya, Saa Allaqi and up to the walls of Tleku Miriya in Yan Kor itself.

The Salarvyani Border

Recent news from south-eastern Tsolyanu: incursions, assaults, the dreaded Ssu, and Black Qarqa in the ascendant! By Alan Musielewicz.

Livyanu Invaded

A picture of life in plague-stricken, Mu'ugalavyani-occupied Tsamra, with speculations on the Livyani resistance. Also by Alan Musielewicz.

An Amazing Adventure

What it says: a narrative by Bob Alberti describing a truly amazing adventure from the Professor's campaign: timelines tangle as princes are produced, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Includes sundry notes and news of recent events.

Mysteries of Tekumel

Collected notes, culled from discussions and debates on the various Tekumel groups (including many snippets from Professor Barker and his players), dealing with such abstruse matters as the Multiverse, the College at the End of Time, and how Dhich'une gets away with it.

Send me mail ...especially if you've gone uncredited, if you want your material removed from this site, if I'm grievously in error, or (please!) if you have something to add to this collection. But also if you just like what you see, and want more!


Valid HTML 4.0! The contents of these pages are copyright by the original authors, 1999; any material derived from M.A.R. Barker's world of Tekumel is also copyright by M.A.R. Barker. Tekumel is the creation of M.A.R. Barker, and is used with his permission.

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