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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

Cult Compendium

In Wintertop's Shadow

UW2: The Thieves' Arm

by Nick Brooke


by other authors

Anaxial's Rooster
Argrath the Stickpicker
The Ballad of Beat-Pot Aelwrin
The Devil's Soup Bowl
The Emperor Who Had No Clothes
Esra and Entru
The Fox King
Hippogriff's Avenging Daughter
King Argrath
Massacre at Black Rock
Moonson and the Goose-Girl
User and the Seeds of Life
Yinkin the Shepherd

Tim Ellis
The Children of Mralot

Bruce Ferrie
How Chalana Arroy Brought Voria Back
How Eurmal Lost His Stick
How Vinga was Left Out in the Cold

Loz Whitaker
The Delicate Sound of Thunder
To Live and Die in the Hollow

Malk Williams
The Ballad of Wind-in-Trees

My own stories were mostly written to be told at various Gloranthan conventions around the world: in England, Germany, America, Canada and Australia. They work best read aloud to an audience, so please do this if you have the chance!

Oliver Berneutz' Mything Links is a very handy index of Gloranthan fiction on the web, broken down by region, author and topic.

Loz Whitaker's Book of Brilliant Things is a fine website devoted to roleplaying in the Multiverse of Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion books.

Bruce Ferrie's Glorantha Page has more of his excellent myths, sample Hero Wars characters, and campaign writeups.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

Awards! - Your index to all the best Gloranthan websites

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