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The Reign of Arthur - from History to Legend, by Chris Gidlow

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See also Trotsky's Malkioni Page:
"Malkionism. You know it makes sense."

I developed my material about the origins of Malkionism while writing the freeform game How the West was One, set at the Seventh Malkioni Ecclesiastical Council. Published sources before Hero Wars are often contradictory, while unpublished ones are generally Greg Stafford's oldest writings; reconciling these was an entertaining process.

What follows is not "official", but you're welcome to use it until something better comes along for Hero Wars. Most likely this will be in Trotsky's forthcoming Loskalmi players' book, Sorcerer Knights, which looks very fine indeed. I've done my best to make the essays here compatible with known facts, while still being colourful and interesting enough to use in play.

My Brief History of Malkionism was first printed in the University of Sog City Guidebook (the players' guide for How the West was One), and has been reprinted in Tales #13 (the Go West! special) and The Best Tournament in the World (from The Rise of Ralios, the German 'sequel' to HtWwO), and translated into French, German, Italian and Japanese (to the best of my knowledge).

The University of Sog City Guidebook itself is sold out, and several of its major articles are now available, in full, on this website. The Lonely Lozenge Guide to Sog City was written by MOB and myself; the University of Sog City Guide is by Kevin Jacklin, one of the authors of How the West was One

RuneQuest write-ups of the two major Malkioni sects, the Holy Rokari Church of Seshnela and the New Hrestoli Idealist Church of Loskalm, were in Tales of the Reaching Moon #13, the Go West! special, which included lots more information on Western cultures and religions. The rest of the HtWwO sect writeups by David Hall and myself were formatted for the Web by Loren Miller. Now that his Gloranthan website is temporarily unavailable, I am proud to present the Splintered Sects on this site.

The other essays here are in three groups. There is an interlocking series of articles about the lives of the first two Prophets, Malkion and Hrestol, presented in a sequential order and giving the outlines of Malkioni scriptural history - generally, these are events which most modern Malkioni churches would agree on, only disagreeing in their interpretation and emphasis. There is a selection of miscellaneous essays on Western topics. And there is some "local colour" to flesh out two contemporary Gloranthan regions for roleplaying: the Kingdom of Loskalm and the lands of Seshnela.

Lunar Trooper by Dario Corallo

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