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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson


Senator and ex-General

Age: 56
Career: Military
Religion: Yanafal Tarnils
Culture: Pelandan
Disposition: Shrewd, bitter, ambitious

The Red Moon
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Former the Governor of Pavis and Count of Prax, you were removed from these offices 12 years ago in the wake of the Cradle debacle. You were personally blamed for failing to stop the Giant Cradle that came unexpectedly down the Zola Fel, escaping to the sea. It galls you that even today people in court snigger behind your back that the Cradle was ripe for the plucking, guarded only by a motley band of outlaws. The fact that it had magical defences that were a match even for the Field School of Magic seems to have been forgotten!

Your dismissal stopped a promising career dead in its tracks, and despite the wars, crises and situations that have befallen the Empire since (including the loss of Pavis and Prax under the incompetent hands of the fool sent to replace you), you have remained a retired general on half-pay, unable to pick up a new commission.

It galls you that a young and insufferably ambitious officer under your command, Murad Iznik, profited from his service in Prax when all you earned was disgrace. You thought packing him off to the wretched port of Corflu would be an adroit way to get rid of him, but Murad's suggestion to use Corflu as the launching post for an amphibious invasion of Heortland got him attention back at headquarters. Following the glorious naval victory at Karse in 1617, Murad returned home in triumph and was named Red Admiral (he later became the Red General). You remained put in Pavis, and it irks you that (while admittedly it was Murad's idea to launch the fleet from Corflu), you co-ordinated the difficult logistical effort to build it... and not one word of thanks ever came your way.

Pavis was by no means an easy command, and you feel you did very well under the circumstances. However, your administration there was dogged by persistent rumours of corruption. While whatever graft may have been going on was certainly within tolerable limits, headquarters dispatched the Coders to investigate, led by that insufferable, incorruptible prig Count Julan. To him, any level of irregularity would be unacceptable, particularly the breaches of the Empire's lucrative hazia monopoly, something you were prepared to overlook - for a small kickback.

Fortunately, you managed to divert Julan's attention to another scandal-in-the-making - the non arrival of numbers of White Moon dissidents that had supposedly been sent to you for resettlement in the Cradle Valley.

This was uncovered by your idiot of a nephew Jaxarte, for whom you had created the sinecure of "Commissioner of the Census". You asked him to document any such suspicious practices, but the naive fool apparently collected evidence of other 'procedural irregularities' too, some of which you were implicated in! You managed to get these away from under Julan's prying eyes by distracting him with a gift of a Staff of Justice, but unfortunately it seems that Jaxarte kept copies of his notes in a private journal which is now missing. If it ever come to light, any hopes you have of a future command would evaporate!

You feel your talents have been wasted, and in an effort to live up to the expectations of your father Var-Eel, the Satrap of Oronin, you have tried to serve as a diligent and often outspoken member of the Senate rather than idle away your time like others around the court. However, what you'd really like is a new command, one that would prove your mettle and return you to favour.

You have been highly critical of Murad Iznik's sabre-rattling on the western frontier, and the new Bellex Maximus's recent ban on military operations west of the Sweet Sea has been seen as a slap in the face of the Red General. His position seems less secure than before; what better then, to undermine him (as he surely did to you back in Prax) and jockey to replace him!


The City States of Pelanda

You were born in one of the Pelandan city-states of the Oronin Valley. This green and fertile land was once the birth-place of agriculture and civilisation, and has been cultivated and civilised since before Time began. Pelandan culture and religion are the envy of the world, which has had unfortunate results for your people in the past. Your disunited city-states have been ruled by Dara Happa, Spol, and Carmania, before the liberation of the Lunar Way.

The Pelandans enjoy a cultured, gentle and wise reputation, and are admired for their advances in every branch of learning: in warfare, architecture and poetry alike. Many of the loftiest ideals now embraced by the Lunar Empire represent the rebirth in modern times of the ancient virtues of your homeland.

Pelanda is divided by the Oronin River between the Lunar Heartland satrapies of Oronin and Doblian, and the Carmanian counties of Jhor and Spol.

Comrades of Yanafal Tarnils

You are a devotee of Yanafal Tarnils, Lunar God of War. Yanafal Tarnils was one of the Seven Mothers, and his cult defines how the perfect Lunar soldier should behave. Most of his worshippers are career officers in the Red Army; the Scimitars of Yanafal are heroes of the Empire.

The followers of Yanafal Tarnils are honourable men, known to one another as Comrades of Yanafal; you address each other as 'Comrade General,' 'Comrade Satrap,' etc. You pride yourself on your skill with the scimitar, the sacred weapon of the cult, and are happy to resolve disputes over matters of honour by duelling.

The High Priest of the Cult of Yanafal Tarnils is Bellex Maximus, the Imperial Warlord.

The Imperial Lunar Army

You have followed a career in the Lunar Army. For young men and women of good standing entry to the army is made via the Yanafal Tarnil's Office Corps. After a probationary period officers are assigned junior officer positions in Lunar regiments and to the general staff. They then rise through a hierarchy of positions until they finally gain the Captaincy of a regiment. Patronage plays an important part in an officer's progress.

A few lucky Captains may be posted to the Staff College of Polaris, and from there enter the General Staff as Comrade Generals of the Army.

The head of the Lunar Army is General Bellex Maximus, the premier warrior and general of the Lunar Way.




  1. Find out if the Red General has over-extended himself (behind Bellex Maximus's back) in Arrolia, and if possible, use this to bring him down!

  2. Find the Jaxarte Papers and destroy them, lest they reveal unsavoury details about your past!

  3. Find out the real reason for your recall from Prax.

  4. Support your father Var-Eel, and work to advance the prestige and power of the Eel-ariash clan.

  5. Make speeches in the senate which criticise Mikos Thiokonos, and through him Moonson!


  1. Secure a new command or important political offices, ones where you can excel and prove to all that you are indeed a great leader!

  2. Speak eloquently in the Senate on matters of grave importance to the Empire, particularly ones which require someone with leadership qualities such as yours to remedy.

  3. Gain acceptance at the Imperial court, such that no one remembers you as the one who let the Cradle get away.


  1. Seek Great Sister's Blessing. It will give you luck.

  2. Find out more about the White Moonie movement. Where are they being sent now, now that Prax is no longer available?

  3. Become a member of the Moonsword cult, by getting Jar-eel or Beatpot Aelwrin to sponsor you.

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Beatpot Aelwrin, General of the Imperial Bodyguard and Jar-eel's lover: You like Beatpot a lot - he reminds you of the gruff, but down-to-earth, barbarians you dealt with in Pavis. He is also a fine cook. His political situation is not much better than yours, though he does have a job. You worry about his rather jealous devotion to Jar-eel, since you are well aware that she shares her favours widely. Should you try and tell him?

Jar-eel the Razoress, Hero of the Empire: your cousin. Unfortunately, two years ago she and your father had a big falling out (you suspect over her lack of help in getting you an appointment). You keep in touch with her since you really do like her, but it does rankle a little that she is so proud of her hero status that she refuses to help her own family!

Murad Iznik, the Red General: he was once a junior officer on your staff, and you would love to see him brought down. Fortunately, you have recently come across some information which could undermine him.

Sitzmag Redmoon, Captain of the Antelope Lancers: he and his regiment loyally served with you in Prax and in Pavis. He's a good man who deserves promotion.

Var-eel, Sultan of Oronin: Your father rules the Oronin Sultanate, and has loyally stood by you following your disgrace and recall. He has even given you responsibilities in his sultanate and the chance to fight in raids of Brolia. Even so, he is still very pushy about you getting a new appointment, and he always seems to catch you at times when you appear lethargic or lazy - thus inviting an excruciatingly patronising lecture.

Through your Career

Appius Luxius, the Provincial Overseer: you thought you could trust this man. you thought you and he had an understanding about how the politics of Prax worked. However, it was this man who finally gave the order for your removal. The successor he chose was a disaster!

Geilbonus the Sycophant, Speaker of the Imperial Senate: he leads the Senate, but is long overdue for retirement. If you cannot secure an active command, replacing him is an possible option.

Paulis Longvale, millionaire senator: You and he have worked together often in the senate. You called on him at Wane Manor the other night to thank Paulis for his support of your petty crime motion (which deplored the crime in Glamour and sought much sterner measures to combat it). His elderly major-domo apologised that the senator was not available, and when you offered to return the following evening, he regretted that his master was "busy most nights".

Mikos Thiokonos, Imperial Chamberlain: In your years of enforced idleness at court, not once have you been able to reach Moonson alone in private audience to beg his favour and seek a new command. The Chamberlain guards access to the emperor jealously, and has contrived to keep you away. An old, pedantic and petty eunuch, over the years Mikos has turned Moonson's attention away from the vital affairs of state and over to pointless and elaborate festivals and celebrations, petty mysticism and exhaustive debauchery. Though no prude yourself, it riles you to see Moonson strum his harp while the Empire weakens around him, particularly when you have no power yourself to stop it...

Moonson, the Red Emperor: The man who granted you your commission later took it away, and showered someone less worthy (Murad Iznik) with praise. Your resentment has built up over the years. You have vented your frustration by making speeches in the Senate that are highly critical of the Imperial Chamberlain, Mikos Thiokonos. However, these are really thinly-disguised attacks on Moonson himself. Be careful!

Count Julan, Captain of the Imperial Bodyguard: Julan was sent to investigate your for corruption, but went away without proving anything. Nevertheless, you were still removed from office shortly after. Although you effectively bribed him with a gift of your father's Staff of Justice and distracted him with another, more disturbing investigation, you suspect he reneged on your understanding and slandered you in front of the Provincial Overseer. Julan has consciously avoided you ever since.


Other Knowledge

The Lunar Provinces. There are four major kingdoms making up the Lunar Provinces: Tarsh, Holay, Vanch and Aggar. Each provides valuable resources to the Empire, in terms of taxes, trade and manpower. Additionally, they serve as a buffer against the primitive barbarian cultures further afield. Each province has its own political structure, but always leaning towards the Empire. The Provincial Government's home is at Mirin's Cross, where the Provincial Overseer, Appius Luxius, resides.

The Court of the Silver Gate is a council of Satraps of the Empire. It meets infrequently, and can have great influence in determining the course of the Empire's destiny. The members of the Court of the Silver Gate are:
· Gul-Taran, Satrap of First Blessed
· Haroun al-Rastari, Satrap of Karasal
· Moonson, Satrap of Silver Shadow
· Makkrit-Oor, Satrap of Darjiin
· Raffha Khan, Satrap of Kostaddi
· Var-Eel, Satrap of Oronin
· Prince Pardidas, Satrap of Sylila
· Queen Penelori, Satrap of Oraya
The Satrap of Doblian will have a place on the council, when one is appointed.

The White Moon is a teaching which has grown up from nowhere in recent years. It holds that it was never the intention of the Red Goddess to create an enduring Empire. The Empire was a means to an end, to confront those states which violently opposed the Lunar Way to allow the liberation of their peoples. Since the days of the First Wane, the Empire has become a self-serving structure, its expansion never matching the speed at which the Lunar Way first spread. The White Moon Cult holds that the Red Moon is not yet perfect. The Empire must wither away. Then, and only then, will the Lunar Way be able to spread throughout Glorantha and the Moon shine White in the Air. From a fringe, harmless teaching, the cult has spread. Its devotees refuse to pay taxes or serve in the militia. They have now taken to attacks on Imperial Monopolies, tax collectors and so forth.

The Moonboats are magical aerial craft, propelled by the moonlight. Within the Empire, they are used for rapid transport of troops and supplies. Their use beyond the Glowline is more limited, as the cyclical phases of the Moon and the untamed forces of Storm can leave them grounded or even damaged.

The Icebreakers are enchanted vessels which carry the Kalikos Icebreaker missions across the White Sea to face the ice demons of Valind's Glacier and keep the Lunar Heartlands fertile and free of bad weather.

Beatpot's Moonrock Café is a chain of fashionable eating houses based upon the culinary genius of Beatpot Aelwrin, the notorious rebel slave turned loyal soldier of the Empire. These establishments are noted for their garish decor (usually celebrating Jar-eel the Razoress) and ostentatious exteriors (complete with a glowing and revolving Red Moon). They have spread from the original restaurant in Dragon Pass (now closed) into the Empire. The flagship restaurant is in Glamour, and often boasts the presence of Beatpot Aelwrin himself in it's kitchens.

Unfortunately, the restaurants have recently come under attack from some elements of the religious establishment who regard the restaurant's concept and execution as blasphemous and disrespectful to Rufelza. In addition, close supporters of Great Sister have also questioned the culinary and nourishment value of many of the dishes served.


  • Sor-eel is seeking a military command so that he can resurrect his career.

  • Sor-eel was corrupt during his time as Governor of Prax, but no more so than any other Lunar official would be.

  • Sor-eel despises the Red General, Murad Iznik, and the man who appointed him to that post, Moonson himself.

  • Sor-eel is an eloquent speaker in the senate.

  • The Senate House is a key location in the defence of Glamour. Few people realise this.

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