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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Appius Luxius

Provincial Overseer

Age: 85 (looks late 60's)
Career: Government
Religion: Danfive Xaron
Culture: Silver Shadow
Disposition: Devout, just, vengeful
The Red Moon
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You were born in 6/30, the fourth son of a minor noble of the Silver Shadow Satrap. Your father was a favourite of the Red Emperor, whose mask was then Robustus. He prospered under his patronage, gaining an important position in the Provincial administration. Your brothers joined him as his aides.

The accession of the mask Celestinus changed everything. Dara Happan clerks were appointed to the provincial administration and they trumped up corruption charges against your father and brothers, who were executed as an example to the other administrators. Your mother and sisters were sold as slaves, and you barely escaped death, instead being sent to a Danfive Xaron Penitentiary.

You became a devout penitent, excelling in every task you were set and rising to positions of great responsibility in the cult administration. However, inwardly you were tormented by frustration at your fate. You vowed that if you were ever released you would work tirelessly toward a just Empire. But you also vowed to seek out those who destroyed your family, and ruin theirs.

The accession of a new mask, Militaris, allowed you to be released and the Danfive Xaron cult gained you a senior position in the Imperial bureaucracy, where you excelled.

In 7/15 (1586), you were appointed as the Provincial Overseer in Mirin's Cross, reporting directly to the new mask, Reclusus. His lack of interest in the day-to-day rule of the empire allowed you to increase and expand your powers, overawing the local petty kings and queens and taking direct control of military and taxation matters. You ruled justly and wisely.

By now you had fathered a son. You had him entered into the Officer Corps where he proved to be a brave, just and charismatic officer.

In 7/28 Reclusus was replaced by the mask Ignifer (who was previously a leading member of the Yanoriao-ilart clan). This new mask was dangerous. He took back the reins of power in Glamour, unjustly and brutally purging his loyal bureaucrats. Then he moved south to the provinces and threatened your power base. You managed to deflect him with the invasion of Sartar, but it was clear that you were in danger from his increasingly erratic and paranoid rule, and his regular purges of "traitors".

So, you began the conspiracy to assassinate Ignifer and replace him with your own son. This was completed in 7/36 (1607), and since then your own son has ruled justly and wisely as the mask Argenteus. However, your own personal vengeance is not yet complete...


The Nobles of Silver Shadow

You were born into a family of the purest Lunar blood, within the mystical Silver Shadow cast by the Red Moon herself. Silver Shadow Sultanate is at the centre of the Lunar Heartlands, and its ruling families are descended from the Imperial House, through consorts and concubines of bygone Masks of Moonson.

The land is the throbbing, pulsating heart of Imperial power, glory and decadence. From your earliest youth, you have been observing the potentates of the Court, avoiding - or profiting from - entanglement in their intrigues, equally at home in the grand avenues of Glamour and the luxurious villas beneath the Crater's lofty crags.

There is no Sultan of Silver Shadow: this sultanate is ruled by Moonson himself.

Danfive Xaron - God of Penitence

You are a worshipper of Danfive Xaron, the Lunar god of Redemption through Suffering. Danfive Xaron was one of the Seven Mothers, and his cult runs Penitentiaries (prisons and labour-camps) offering criminals sanctuary and the hope of rehabilitation. The cult's strict and inflexible code of conduct also attracts many who seek greater meaning from life.

The cult is also the Empire's secret internal police force, and the Black Army, maintaining a network of informers among its former Penitents to watch out for potentially disruptive activities. Elite agents stand ready to take action to ensure that the everyday life of the Empire proceeds in an orderly and cyclical pattern.

Grand Master Orsorkhon is the leader of the cult of Danfive Xaron, dwelling within the grim and terrifying Xaronea prison in Glamour.

The Imperial Government

You have followed a career in the Imperial Governmental bureaucracy. Young men of good family study to pass the exams which will win them appointment to junior secretarial posts. Success brings promotion, at first to roving assignments, then to the Imperial Senate, and finally to a position in the Imperial Household as one of Moonson's trusted confidants. It is in the corridors of power that the fate of the Empire is determined.

The Chamberlain of the Imperial Household is Mikos Thiokonos, a devoted servant of Moonson.




  1. Work towards an Empire which is devout and just. Where moral probity is valued, and there is a place for all men and women of good character.

  2. Gain just vengeance on the petty clerks and bureaucrats who destroyed your family. Destroy their descendants and families in turn.

  3. Help your son rule justly and wisely. Though none must know of your true relationship with him. Most of those who suspect anything think you are the son of an earlier mask!


  1. Keep control of the Provinces. Ensure that all external threats are neutralised. Rule justly and wisely.

  2. Ensure that all of the Provincial Seven Year Plan targets are met and the quotas handed to the Red Dancer of Power. Your quota is two Grain card and two Slave cards.

  3. Report any political threats or sedition against the Red Emperor to the Spoken Word.


  1. Watch your colleagues for any signs of moral or religious weakness or corruption. Report these to the cult of Danfive Xaron.

  2. Is there moral corruption within the Danfive Xaron cult? If so, then you must guide the cult toward a path of religious purity and moral probity. If all else fails, you may even have to seek the position of Grand Master for yourself.

  3. Seek out all injustice carried out in the name of Moonson and publicly expose it!

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Count Julan, Ex-Coder, now Captain of the Household Foot: once he and his team of Coders were your top investigators in the Provinces. However, his investigation of Sor-Eel the Short's corruption showed him to be rather too uncompromising (Sor-eel was doing a good job, even though a bit corrupt). At the same time you came under pressure from Grand Master Orsorkhon's to disband the Coders (you never found out why), and you were forced to accede for short term political reasons. You do feel somewhat guilty about this as Julan obviously has some affection for you.

Moonson, the Red Emperor: as the father to the Red Emperor, you are justly proud of his achievements though you cannot proclaim them. However, news of last year's purges makes you worried that he is falling into the ways of Ignifer. Is he being badly advised?

Quinscion the Patient, General of Procurements and Disbursements: your right hand man in Government affairs. He collects and checks the provincial taxes. That is, when he's not suffering from some imaginary illness!

Ul-Rika, the Still Voice of Molanni: Daughter of the ex-Coder Princess Anderida and now fiancee of Count Julan. She is a distant relative of yours and calls you "Uncle". You dote on this beautiful young thing. Can it be that she is flirting with you?

Through your Career

Fyodr Volkovos, General of the Blue Army: the Blue army's main duties are the gathering of military intelligence and the assassination of the Empire's enemies. Fyodr led the assassination ritual that killed Ignifer, though he never knew that it was you behind the plot. None of the other plotters now remain alive.

Icilius Overholy, General Guide for the Lunar Spirit: over the years you have come to an understanding. She does not interfere with politics and you do not interfere with religion. You get on well!

Icilius is from the Yanoriao-ilart clan that rules Doblian - or did so until the sultan, Amun-ilart, was purged.

Lergius Cassius, General of the Provincial Army: the commander of the Provincial Army and your subordinate. You see little of him as he campaigns in Tarsh and Dragon Pass. He has recently been victorious in his campaigning against the Fazzurite rebels in Tarsh.

Phirgia, Queen of Holay: another local queen, in whose lands Mirin's Cross lies.

Rascius, King of Aggar: a petty king who loves hoarding money and then spending it.

Sor-eel the Short, Ex-Governor of Prax: Black Army rumours of his corruption led you to send the Coders to investigate him. They were unable to unearth any major corruption.

However, you then came under increasing pressure from Glamour for him to be removed (you are unsure why). Luckily, his mishandling of the Cradle incident in 1621 gave you the excuse you needed (though, of course, you also spread rumours that his corruption was the real reason).

General Roan-ur, Commander in Aggar: this brutal man is rumoured to be the son of Moonson (probably a lie). Once he was useful, but now his methods are causing increasing local problems, and his haughty arrogance is making them worse.

Through your Religion

Grand Master Orsorkhon, Head of the Danfive Xaron cult and Black Army: he is your religious and moral leader. However, he seems to dispute your duty to only report moral and religious corruption to him. He wants more and more political information too. Surely this is beyond the remit of the Black Army?

Miriros Conradin, Colonel of the Grim Soldiers: few realise that this devout penitent is not only the commander of the feared "Black Watch" regiment but also chief of the cult's informers, the Unspoken Word.


Other Knowledge

The Emperor's Spoken Word functions as an internal security organisation, essentially operating within the political and military spheres of the Lunar Empire. The basic aim of the Spoken Word is to enhance the security of the Emperor. However, within the current organisation, the definition of what must be done to protect the Emperor allows a wide scope which includes internal and external espionage and investigation.

The Spoken Word is forbidden to investigate the State Church. There is often great rivalry with the Blue Army (military intelligence) and the Danfive Xaron cult (the religious and social watchdog of the Empire). You are strict in your interpretation of this rivalry. The Blue Army investigates the military and foreign enemies, the Spoken Word internal politics and any threats to the Emperor, and Danfive Xaron all moral, social and religious corruption and vice.

Moonboats are magical aerial craft, propelled by the moonlight. Within the Empire, they are used for rapid transport of troops and supplies. Their use beyond the Glowline is more limited, as the cyclical phases of the Moon and the untamed forces of Storm can leave them grounded or even damaged.

The Seven Year Plan is the mechanism by which the major food and raw material requirements of the Empire are centrally planned and provided for. At the beginning of each seven year period every sultanate and province agrees to quotas of important foodstuffs and other raw materials and goods which they must achieve over a seven year period. A seven year plan has just ended and each of the sultanates and provinces will be audited this a sacred time on their results. Success is usually the route to promotion and Imperial favour, while failure is a sure road to political humiliation.

The Red Dancer of Power sets quotas of various commodities which the Empire needs to function. Sultans, Governors and Allies have all been given quotas of commodities which they are expected to present to her before the middle of the game.

She pays for the cards in influence. Those who perform best are much more influential. Thus, if your cards equal or exceed your quota, you may hand them to the Red Dancer of Power in exchange for double their face value. N.B. If you have no quota of a particular type of goods, you cannot claim to have exceeded your quota simply by having a card!

Not reaching your quota is looked on very gravely by the authorities. Sultans may suffer the whim of the Emperor. Governors risk their jobs unless they can find a very good explanation. If Allies do not present their dues, the Lunars may not feel bound by their treaty obligations to them. Any-one not reaching their quotas can be investigated by the Security Services to find out exactly what they have been doing.

The Lunar Provinces. There are four major kingdoms making up the Lunar Provinces: Tarsh, Holay, Vanch and Aggar. Each provides valuable resources to the Empire, in terms of taxes, trade and manpower. Additionally, they serve as a buffer against the primitive barbarian cultures further afield. Each province has its own political structure, but always leaning towards the Empire. The Provincial Government's home is at Mirin's Cross.

The Provincial Government. Members of the Provincial Government enjoy the reputation of independent people of action. In times of crisis. there is often no time to wait for the decision of the high command in the Heartland. It must be taken on the spot, and in the heat of the moment. The most successful in the Provincial Lunar Government have learned to temper the demands of the local kingdoms with the wisdom of the Empire to forge a strong alliance of the two.

The Icebreakers are enchanted vessels which carry the Kalikos Icebreaker missions across the White Sea to face the ice demons of Valind's Glacier and keep the Lunar Heartlands fertile and free of bad weather.

The Court of the Silver Gate is a council of Satraps of the Empire. It meets infrequently, and can have great influence in determining the course of the Empire's destiny. The members of the Court of the Silver Gate are:

Gul-Taran, Satrap of First Blessed Haroun al-Rastari, Satrap of Karasal Moonson, Satrap of Silver Shadow Makkrit-Oor, Satrap of Darjiin Raffa Khan, Satrap of Kostaddi Var-Eel, Satrap of Oronin Prince Pardidas, Satrap of Sylila Queen Penelori, Satrap of Oraya

The Satrap of Doblian will have a place on the council, when one is appointed.

Vengeance! You have managed to track down the descendants of the three Dara Happan clerks who framed your father and the Magistratus who sentenced him and your brothers to death. Two of the clerk's families have been utterly ruined and sold into slavery.

The third clerk's descendant is none other than Acutus, Prefect of the Mother's Guard, and a noted gladiator. His family is in fact an old Dara Happan one, the Tysor-genisti, who have obviously fallen on hard times in the last century or so.

You have thus far managed to have Acutus' uncle, Triblios, assassinated by a freelance blue moon operative (officially he "fell drunk from a city tower") and his brother Yokannos sold into slavery on trumped up charges of failing to pay his debts.

The Magistratus' descendants you have yet to find out. Only one piece of evidence remains to be collected before it will be revealed to you. Fod-Ariam, a noted Sage in Glamour is holding it until you arrive for the Sacred Time celebrations. You owe him his fee.


  • Argenteus, the current mask of Moonson, is your son.

  • You were the mastermind behind the assassination of the mask Ignifer.

  • You are an agent of the Spoken Word.

  • Miriros Conradin is head of the Unspoken Word.

  • Seventy years ago your family was cruelly and unjustly executed and enslaved, and you were sent to a penitentiary.

Special Items

  • Slaves: You have brought a full 3,000 slaves (or three cards) and a special selection of 100 of the finest red-haired children. Most of these are from the rebellious province of Tarsh (now pacified by the army) and a few from Aggar.

  • Grain: There has, alas, been a dearth of grain in both Aggar and Tarsh due to the warring there. Also, your supplies from Esrolia have been cut off due to the actions of Argrath in Sartar and the Grazelands. Therefore, you have no spare grain.

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