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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Moonson Argenteus

The Red Emperor

Age: 60
Career: Military and then Divine
Religion: Red Goddess
Culture: Lunar
Disposition: Decadent, paranoid, erratic
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  1. Be decadent, very decadent.

  2. Be erratic. You are now prone to instituting periodic purges. The power has gone to your head.

  3. Be paranoid every now and again. Fear assassins in every corner, and hide away behind your bodyguards and good old Mikos Thiokonos.

  4. Life is one big party and that should be an infinite party. Favour your regular party-going friends, but only because they are good party-goers! You wish to have a Grand Pavanne organised where you can sing the latest song you have composed.

  5. Transfer the Moonson's favourite badge regularly. See objective 2.

  6. You like baubles. If someone gives you a Great Wealth card you will give them a BIG favour or 15 influence in return. You like jewels and gold, lots of gold.

  7. Play chess, your favourite game, with anyone who will compete with you. Get very very angry if you lose (and probably outlaw chess across the land, instituting a purge of all the best players).


  1. Defer almost every decision to the Presidium (i.e. to player characters). They are really in charge and you can't be bothered - except to keep them on their toes every now and again and make their life a pain when you erratically overrule them on something or other.

  2. You are missing part of your imperial regalia, the Staff of Justice. You were searching for it in the basement and it wasn't where you put it, oh, 40 or so years ago. Your minions must find it!

  3. You wish to wear a diamond-studded suit at the New Year celebrations. Keep dropping heavy hints to Mikos, the Sultans, and the Presidium until you get one. Have tantrums if they fail you.

  4. Make sure that you get enough budget in the annual budget for, oh, at least two, no, three Grand Pavanne's!!

  5. Assign the three Arbiter offices to those worthy of them (you should have the office data sheets and badges in your pack!)


  1. Decide what sort of year next year will be, Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow or even Green with pink spots. You have delegated Commodus to decide for you. Keep him on his toes, but let him make the decision.

  2. Choose another Saint-hero of the Lunar Empire to join Jar-Eel - she must be lonely as the only one. A player character must prompt you before you can choose. Preferably there should be competing PC's who you can play off against each other for your favour.

  3. Beware of the Dark Emperor child. It must be destroyed at all costs! In some moments of paranoia this should be the thing that you fear. Have Mikos read the prophesy to anyone around and then command them to save you!

  4. Give Moonson's blessing to those who amuse you.

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Mikos Thiokonos, the Imperial Chamberlain: your confidant and the man you most trust. His advice is almost always correct and he can procure you anything you desire. Test him on his procurement abilities with weird requests.

Appius Luxius, the Provincial Overseer: your terrestrial father is becoming a bore. He seeks to lecture you! You are Moonson! Be petulant with him.

Your Party Friends: These are Commodus the Fair (your current favourite), Didius Copernicus and Orgrol the Fat. These are all fun people, unlike the Presidium.

Artaphaestos: he used to be one of your best party friends and your favourite. However, he left to go to Arrolia and you haven't seen him since. You'd like to see him again and have him join the party again.

Jar-Eel the Razoress, Lunar Saint-Hero: She is seeking the demonic Moon Child who will fulfil the Dark Emperor prophesy unless stopped! Not much of a party-goer but very nice to look at.

Great Sister
: interfering old busy-body but your mother likes her and there's not much you can do.

Quinscion the Patient, Provincial Tax collector: you and he play postal games of chess. He's good, but not as good as you. You are waiting for his next move in a very interesting game.

Through your Career

Bellex Maximus, Imperial Warlord: he commands your armies - very well. He heads the Presidium when you can't be bothered to attend.

Jubba the Hood, head of your Spoken Word: this chap protects you so you always listen to what he says - even if it is boring.

Ivex Devouring Dog: his taxes pay for your parties so you always listen to what he says - even if it is boring.

Through your Religion

The Red Dancer of Power, a demi-deity: she is always going on and on about money or babies! And when she does that Shape-changing thing it is so disconcerting! Her dancing is fun at parties though...

Grandmaster Orsorkhon, head of the Danfive Xaron cult: he really must loosen up a bit and stop sticking pins in himself! The poor man's appearance is so disconcerting that you are wondering about ways to brighten him up. Colourful scarves perhaps?

You have heard of:

Squire Flint, ambassador of your rather short, but loyal, Eolian allies: you would be amused to meet this doughty man who canoed all the way down from his homeland.

Princess Amora: a daughter of the Queen of the Kiss who rules the Queendom of Love!


Other Knowledge

You have a number of offices to give out to deserving people. You should get an envelope for each of them in this pack. They are:

  • The Arbiter of Taste
  • The Arbiter of Eloquence
  • The Arbiter of Elegance
  • The Sultan of Doblian

The first three you can give to anyone. The Court of the Silver Gate will recommend someone for the Sultan of Doblian. However, you can choose who you want and you should delay for a while to allow others (especially Icilius Overholy) to try and see you about it.

Audiences with Moonson. Anyone should be able to get an audience with you eventually. However, most should have to wait some time or get allocated an appointment at some time in the future (Mikos should be organising all of this - make sure you keep him on his toes about it).

Only those with your Ear, your Favour, or an Imperial Warrant can get immediate audiences with you. Or your party friends - unless they use this to abuse the privilege (you soon get bored if they talk too much about politics, etc. - hell, they are supposed to be party friends!).

Some people have cards which mean they can ask you for a big favour. In this case it is permissible for you to interfere with the Presidium or Mikos to ensure you can deliver on the favour (if it's not too outrageous). Otherwise, you are pretty ineffectual.

Appeal for Dismissal. If someone is dismissed from office you are often listed as the person to appeal to. You should treat them fairly, but in an MGF way. You may wish to demand an investigation if you think they've been hard done by and their gaming enjoyment will suffer (e.g. by losing their main office unfairly or too early in the game).

The Prophesy of the Dark Emperor. Behold, a child shall be born, who shall be called the Moon Child. On its forehead will be the Runes of Life and Chaos and the Moon. There shall be a time of Great Tribulation. The Red Emperor shall truly die, and there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then the Moon Child shall come from the North, and take the three-pronged crown. It shall sit upon the pearl throne and be called the White Emperor. Yet Its true name shall be Wakboth the Devil. Every 600 years It comes, until It is destroyed. Its Empire shall be called the Monster Empire. Anyone with compassion will be seen as a willing victim. The Ice will come, and It will laugh. It will smear the people of Peloria like jelly. It will decorate Its crown with the living bodies of a thousand high priests and priestesses, each of which served a god of some unthinkable vice, corruption, perversion or mutation. It shall give Rule to Ragnaglar the Mad, to Thed Mother of Foulness and Malia Mistress of Disease, Its Unholy parents. Its eyes will be evil. It will excrete filth from Its visage. It will poison existence with Its very being!


  • Moonson was once a mortal man called Appianus.

  • Moonson's real father is Appius Luxius.

  • Moonson likes a good supernatural party.

  • Moonson likes being given jewels, gold, silver and other valuable shiny objects.

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