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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Didius Copernicus

Dean of the Field School of Magic

Age: 47
Career: Religious / Military
Religion: Red Emperor
Culture: Saird / Dara Happa
Disposition: Haughty, showy, ambitious

The Red Moon
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You are the Director of the Field School of Magic. As such you are in charge of organising those of the Empire's magical entities and regiments which are used on the field of battle - and defining their tactical and strategic use.

You were born in Mirin's Cross to a powerful Dara Happan family claiming direct (and undiluted) descent from the leaders of the original Dara Happan colonists who settled in Saird during the Second Age. Thus, although you are a technically a provincial from Holay, your Dara Happan pedigree sets you apart.

As a young man you won a scholarship to the Lunar College of Magic in Glamour. Here you excelled in the social and political aspects of the university, at some cost to your magical studies. However, you did finally pass all of your magical exams and were able to gain a prestigious commission in the Crater Makers magical regiment (though you never quite grasped the magical principles involved).

Since then your rise has been meteoric, mainly due to the patronage of the previous Dean of the Field School, Tatius the Bright, who early on recognised your political and administrative talents and had you promoted into his entourage. When he was tragically killed at the Temple of the Reaching Moon in Sartar you were the obvious candidate to take his place (having quietly removed through promotion and secondment all of your rivals) and the youngest Dean ever to hold the position.

Although a respected member of the Lunar administration, you are still true to your ancestry and your homeland. Specifically, you are aggrieved that the Dara Happans of Saird get a raw deal from the provinces amongst which the area is divided (southern Vanch, north-eastern Aggar, and north-western Holay). You would dearly love to see Saird be declared a province in its own right - a kingdom once more. Recently you have been helping to promote this amongst your countrymen through more direct and radical action.

Most recently you have managed to gain the favour of Moonson himself and you are a regular at his supernatural parties. You had hoped to use his favour to help you increase your influence in Glamour (Tatius used to be a Presidium member). However, it appears that his current favour has now shifted to Commodus the Fair. You must entertain Moonson further with your magic tricks, witty conversation, and blatant flattery in order to regain your premier position as his favourite.


The Dara Happan Tripolis

You are descended from the divine rulers of the antediluvian Dara Happan Tripolis. This state was founded by the Sun-God, Imperial Yelm, and has a continuous history stretching back over a hundred thousand years. The ancient ways of nobility and rulership are innate in you, and you won't let anybody forget it - especially not the parvenu commoners who now think to take a share in the government of the Empire!

Naturally, these new-fangled Lunars (whose religion is scarcely four hundred years old) depend on the accumulated wisdom and institutions of old Dara Happa. By displacing your adherence to the ancestral traditions, you prove yourself worthy to participate in the politics of Empire. All civilised values ultimately stem from old ways of the Sun-God.

The Cult of the Red Emperor

You are a devotee of the Red Emperor. Your right to rule comes from worshipping the founders of your family clan as a subcult of Moonson Imperator.

The cult worships the Red Emperor as the perfect embodiment of the Lunar Citizen. It does so by enforcing his Justice, supervising the actions of all other governing institutions in the Empire, and providing structures for all citizens to aspire to and achieve the highest rank. As such, it determines the basic social structure of the Empire, overlying the Empire's disparate cultures.

The Red Emperor leads his cult personally.

The Lunar Colleges of Magic

You have followed a career in the Lunar Colleges of Magic. These are universities which provide both academic and religious training to those lucky enough to be chosen to attend them or rich enough to pay. Most often graduates leave to join the central bureaucracy, local government, religious hierarchy or military. Those who remain form the core of the Magical Regiments which are maintained by each university.

The Field School of Magic

The Field School is an overall umbrella organisation which incorporates all of the magical regiments and entities of the Empire (including those affiliated to universities). The Dean's role is to supervise, organise and direct the use of these groups in the Lunar war effort, as well as defining tactical and strategic doctrine around the use of magic on the battlefield.

You are the current Dean of the Field School of Magic.




  1. Become Moonson's favourite.

  2. Have Moonson, the Presidium, or even the Senate declare Saird a new and separate province. Do whatever you can to ensure Saird's manifest destiny.

  3. Maintain the air of mastery and pomp, combined with magical showmanship and dry wit. People should like you because you are so entertaining. Perform some showy magical tricks!

  4. Increase your personal power and PR. A seat on the Presidium should be yours by right.


  1. Ensure that your views on the tactical and strategic use of magic are well-known by everyone, and adhered to by the generals. Bellex Maximus should be made to endorse these doctrines.

  2. The Mother's Guard is a magical unit which should rightfully report to you and not to Beatpot Aelwrin. The reporting lines should be changed!

  3. Worrying reports have reached you that the Full Moon Corps was involved in a serious incident in Arrolia. What were they doing there and why were their orders not countersigned by you?

  4. You need ten influence from the Military Budget to pay the Crater Makers. You must pay this to the CPS Director at the beginning of Windsday. Put in your claim to Bellex Maximus before the Presidium decides on the Budget.


  1. Be acclaimed a Hero-Saint of the Empire - just like Jar-eel is! However, you will have to do something really showy to deserve this (and in full view of Moonson).

  2. Have Moonson declare that next year will be a Blue Moon year since all is not well and the Empire's magical guard needs to be strengthened.

  3. Order the Crimson Bat unleashed against an enemy of the Empire or a full-scale Crater Maker bombardment to show the full might of the magical forces that you direct!

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Beatpot Aelwrin, famous cook and General of the Imperial Bodyguard: while you applaud his wonderful cooking and his fine chain of Cafés (which you have helped to publicise) you wish to have the Mother's Guard put under your command. Therefore, it may be politic to seek this quietly and tactfully without letting Beatpot know that you are behind the shift in responsibilities! He is only a provincial anyway! And an ex-slave no less!

Commodus the Fair, Governor of the Redlands (not that he's ever been there): Moonson's current favourite. You do have to admit that he is a very charming and handsome fellow and the life and soul of the party. But somehow you must embarrass him in Moonson's eyes.

Orgrol the Fat, King of the Char-un: another of Moonson's regular party-goers. Though all Orgrol ever seems to do is to drink Gin like a fish until he is carried off unconscious by his (rather neglected) concubines. He tells long stories when conscious.

Phirgia, Queen of Holay: that woman. It is she who is claiming rulership of much (the north-western) part of Saird. Two years ago her consort, Laramates of Alorinik, began to undermine your efforts to have Saird secede and you therefore arranged for him to be secretly removed, but not before a female heir was born. Rumour has it that she is trying to find a suitable husband for the future queen. It is disgusting that a mere woman rules proud Dara Happans!

Raffha Khan, Satrap of Kostaddi: he is also leader of the tough and seasoned Sable Tribe. He has been asking you to get you an invite to one of Moonson's parties, and he seems a good contact to have. You have also discussed the possiblity of opening a branch of Beatpot's Moonrock Café in Kostaddi (this would help you win favour with Beatpot).

Rascius, King of Aggar: a thoroughly disagreeable individual who only loves money and gambling. He too rules part of Saird but perhaps he might be bribed to give it up? Or even to gamble it way?

Through your Career

Acutus, Prefect of the Mother's Guard: by rights he should be your subordinate and not Beatpot's. You understand he comes from noble Dara Happan blood. Perhaps he can be persuaded to support your case?

Bellex Maximus, Imperial Warlord and supreme commander: He is your boss, though you feel that you have a certain pre-eminence and authority over him where magical and strategic matters are involved.

Murad Iznik, General of the Red Army: (also known as the "Red Admiral" because of his earlier career in the Red Navy) He commands the main field units of the army.

Fyodr Volkhovos, General of the Blue Army: he directs the military intelligence network, the assassins, and the scouts and exploring officers of the Lunar Army. He also investigates the military.

Paulis Longvale, Millionaire Playboy: he is secretly the Chief Feeder of the Bat and your subordinate. It is important to keep his identity secret due to the general unpopularity of the Crimson Bat.


Other Knowledge

The Lunar Provinces. There are four major kingdoms making up the Lunar Provinces: Tarsh, Holay, Vanch and Aggar. Each provides valuable resources to the Empire, in terms of taxes, trade and manpower. Additionally, they serve as a buffer against the primitive barbarian cultures further afield. Each province has its own political structure, but always leaning towards the Empire. The Provincial Government's home is at Mirin's Cross.

The Provincial Government. Members of the Provincial Government enjoy the reputation of independent people of action. In times of crisis. there is often no time to wait for the decision of the high command in the Heartland. It must be taken on the spot, and in the heat of the moment. The most successful in the Provincial Lunar Government have learned to temper the demands of the local kingdoms with the wisdom of the Empire to forge a strong alliance of the two.

The Moonsword Cult is a special sub-cult of Yanafal Tarnils for military heroes of the Empire. Candidates must be recommended by Bellex Maximus or Moonson. Those who are accepted are given their steel Moonsword by Moonson himself.

The Crimson Bat is a monstrous Chaotic demon, the Empire's ultimate deterrent and the most fearsome weapon in your magical arsenal. Once unleashed, it devours all who oppose it, a terrifying weapon of atrocity which has greatly aided the peace-making efforts of the Red Army. The Chief Feeder of the Crimson Bat controls this demon, taking orders directly from you.

Your Magical Doctrine is that the effectiveness of the Lunar Army fundamentally lies in the power of the Field School of Magic.

Strategically, the powers of the Crater Makers, Crimson Bat, and other long-range magical units can be used to utterly destroy an enemy's will to fight by attacking its army's supply lines, its population, and its economy. Magical units such as the Full Moon Corps can also make precision "surgical strikes" on enemy generals, leaders and other command and control functions. No other forces are necessary, except to mop up afterwards! The main army could therefore be radically cut down (leading to major budget savings).

However, if magical forces are required tactically then it is the mages who should guide the battle, so that the killing magical blow can be orchestrated for full effect.

The Moonboats are magical aerial craft, propelled by the moonlight. Within the Empire, they are used for rapid transport of troops and supplies. Their use beyond the Glowline is more limited, as the cyclical phases of the Moon and the untamed forces of Storm can leave them grounded or even damaged.

Beatpot's Moonrock Café is a chain of fashionable eating houses based upon the culinary genius of Beatpot Aelwrin, the notorious rebel slave turned loyal soldier of the Empire. These establishments are noted for their garish decor (usually celebrating Jar-eel the Razoress) and ostentatious exteriors (complete with a glowing and revolving Red Moon). They have spread from the original restaurant in Dragon Pass (now closed) into the Empire. The flagship restaurant is in Glamour, and often boasts the presence of Beatpot Aelwrin himself in its kitchens.

Unfortunately, the restaurants have recently come under attack from some elements of the religious establishment who regard the restaurant's concept and execution as blasphemous and disrespectful to Rufelza. In addition, close supporters of Great Sister have also questioned the culinary and nourishment value of many of the dishes served.

The Crater Makers are a special school of the Lunar priestess hierarchy. Their training allows them to call upon the Red Goddess to hurl massive Red Moonstones from the sky.


  • Didius Copernicus is behind the unrest among Sairdites in Mirin's Cross, who are withholding taxes due to the Queen of Holay.

  • It was a member of the Sairdite faction who infected the Queen of Holay's consort - Laramates of Alorinik - with his fatal 'Purple Fever'.

  • The Chief Feeder of the Bat is none other than the Bat Man.

  • The Bat Man's real identity is millionaire playboy Paulis Longvale.

  • The strategic keys to Glamour are the Temple of Peace and the University.

Special Items

  • Regalia of Office: Wand, Cape, and Hat

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