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Beat-Pot Aelwrin

Commander of the Imperial Bodyguard

Age: 33
Career: Military
Religion: Yanafal Tarnils
Culture: Barbarian
Disposition: Brash and down-to-earth

The Red Moon
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You were born a member of the Pentan horse tribes, fierce nomadic warriors who populate the steppe beyond the Redlands. Your birth name translates as Walks with Shadows. Your early years were hard, since nothing comes easily on the steppe. It was here that you learnt your superior horse-riding skills.

When you were about twelve years old (before your manhood initiation rites) your clan launched an ill-judged attack on the Lunar settlers in the Redlands. A flying column of Lunar cavalry under General Zhaduun Ud-kar caught up with your clan, massacring the men and old people, and taking the women and children as slaves. You still remember Zhaduun, a loathsome man who executed your mother and cruelly raped your older sister. You swore vengeance on him!

You were sent as a slave to the misty land of Aggar, given the name of Aelwrin, and assigned as a kitchen slave. Over the course of four years you learnt the art of cooking (a skill you have since refined). However, your master was cruel, and upon seeing two of your friends die after being ordered to clean out a Walktapus' poison sacs, you rebelled, killing him and all of his guards. After this there was no going back and your only option was to begin a slave revolt, which spread across the land. Your forces besieged King Rascius in the City of a 1000 Magicians, and you defeated a relief force sent by General Roan-ur. You even plundered the holy Frantic Ground and raped the dowager Priest-Mother. This was the time when you earned the name of Beatpot Aelwrin for your use of kitchen implements as weapons.

Then the Lunars sent their heroine Jar-eel the Razoress to put down the revolt. She crushed the rebellion and you were enslaved again. You tried to kill yourself rather than peel another spud for the Empire, but Jar-eel saved you. Over the course of many long, private hours of persuasive arguments she converted you to the Lunar Way, which you embraced with all of your heart. You also lost your heart to Jar-eel.

Even so, King Rascius, General Roan-ur and most of the Lunar establishment bayed for your blood, but Jar-Eel remained loyal to you and used her influence to get you an Imperial pardon and a commission in the Lunar Army, serving on the staff of Fazzur Wideread himself.

Fazzur became your military mentor and patron. He took you as you were, caring not that you were born a barbarian, he trusted you, and gave you various assignments that gave you the opportunity for promotion. You took these opportunities, proving yourself a brave, efficient and resourceful officer. You quickly rose to command a regiment.

Then Fazzur fell from favour and was replaced. Without your patron your career took a sudden dive - even more so when Fazzur foolishly led a rebellion against the king of Tarsh. You were assigned to the Brolian front where there was little opportunity to shine, and where it was easy to be forgotten. Worse, you began to hear of other lovers being taken by Jar-Eel.

Then came your most recent appointment to the General Staff, as General of the Imperial Bodyguard. It sounded so important when you were first offered it, but now you realise it is purely ceremonial, usually reserved for Generals near retirement. However, at least it is based in Glamour and allows you to keep an eye on Jar-Eel!


The Wastelands of Pent

You were born a horse nomad on the steppes of Pent. Your clan herded and ate horses and worshipped Yelm.

Life on the steppes is harsh and uncompromising, leading to a hardy and brutal race of people. Your early life was one of great misery and rare moments of happiness. This has given you a very different perspective on life.

The Pentan people often raid the Lunar farmers in the Redlands. They still await the return of their great hero Sheng Seleris, who once killed Moonson and ruled the Empire until defeated. His soul currently resides, in eternal torment, deep within the Lunar Pits of Perdition.

The Comrades of Yanafal Tarnils

You are a devotee of Yanafal Tarnils, Lunar God of War. Yanafal Tarnils was one of the Seven Mothers, and his cult defines how the perfect Lunar soldier should behave. Most of his worshippers are career officers in the Red Army; the Scimitars of Yanafal are heroes of the Empire.

The followers of Yanafal Tarnils are honourable men, known to one another as Comrades of Yanafal; you address each other as 'Comrade General,' 'Comrade Satrap,' etc. You pride yourself on your skill with the scimitar, the sacred weapon of the cult, and are happy to resolve disputes over matters of honour by duelling.

Bellex Maximus, the Imperial Warlord, is the High Priest of the Cult of Yanafal Tarnils.

The Imperial Lunar Army

You have followed a career in the Lunar Army. For young men and women of good standing entry to the army is made via the Yanafal Tarnil's Office Corps. After a probationary period officers are assigned junior officer positions in Lunar regiments and to the general staff. They then rise through a hierarchy of positions until they finally gain the Captaincy of a regiment. Patronage plays an important part in an officer's progress.

A few lucky Captains may be posted to the Staff College of Polaris, and from there enter the General Staff as Comrade Generals of the Army.

The head of the Lunar Army is General Bellex Maximus, the premier warrior and general of the Lunar Way.




  1. Win back the love of Jar-Eel. Has she treacherously spurned you? You must confront her!

  2. Be passionate and jealous in your love for Jar-Eel. Who are her other lovers? You must find them and warn them off your beloved! In fact you should watch all the men around her, in case they are planning to muscle in...

  3. Find your long lost sister.

  4. Revenge yourself upon the evil General Zhaduun Ud-kar, the man who killed your mother and raped your sister.

  5. Find a new patron within the military hierarchy so that your career can progress.

  6. Open more branches of your Moonrock Café chain and find a new backer who will donate at least five influence.


  1. Serve and Protect Moonson. You are his premier bodyguard.

  2. Expand the role of General of the Imperial Bodyguard. You should really command all of the bodyguard regiments and report directly to Moonson himself.

  3. Impose your authority on your subordinates.

  4. You need 30 influence from the Military Budget to pay for the Blood Spillers, Feathered Axe and Hell Sisters (Imperial Guards). You must pay this to the CPS Director before at the beginning of Windsday. Put in your claim to Bellex Maximus before the Presidium decides on the Budget.


  1. Have yourself declared an official saint-hero of the Empire - just like Jar-eel.

  2. Gain the blessing of the Great Sister.

  3. Test and recommend to Jar-eel new entrants into the Moonsword cult.

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Commodus the Fair, idiot: this foolish nobleman dared to question your cooking of a Mammoth steak in the Moonrock Café! You should have taken a cleaver to him!

Didius Copernicus, Dean of the Field School of Magic: a bit of a show-off, but his tricks and influence has helped to publicise your chain of restaurants.

Jar-eel the Razoress, Hero of the Empire: your one true love. You worship her and wish to have her undivided love. However, you are worried at the way she looks at other men, and they way they look at her!

Fazzur Wideread, deceased ex-General: this brilliant general was your patron. You would have done anything for him, since you saw him a something of a father figure. You were sad when he started the civil war against the King of Tarsh (and by default against the Empire), but even sadder when you heard of his assassination.

Morning Glory, your long lost sister: you must find her!

Sor-eel the Short, Ex-General and Jar-eel's cousin: a good man, and a loyal friend. He fell from favour eleven years ago when he was Governor of Pavis (you must ask him about the details). He is always complaining about his pushy father and his lack of political influence - alas something you cannot help him with!

Through your Career

Acutus, Prefect of the Mother's Guard: you are his commanding officer yet he fails to give you the respect you deserve. You must impose discipline on him!

Bellex Maximus, Imperial Warlord: your commander, though your primary loyalty and duty is to Moonson first of all. You can always appeal to Moonson.

Count Julan, Captain of the Household Foot: another subordinate. Outwardly he is more polite to you, but you still detect a hint of insubordination and disrespect.

Miriros Conradin, Colonel of the Grim Soldiers (Black Watch): this Bodyguard regiment is theoretically under you, yet its Colonel refuses to submit to your authority!

General Zhaduun Ud-kar: you least heard of him as the commander of the Lunar Army in the Redlands. But now you hear that this position is vacant?


Other Knowledge

Beatpot's Moonrock Café is a chain of fashionable eating houses based upon the culinary genius of Beatpot Aelwrin, the notorious rebel slave turned loyal soldier of the Empire. These establishments are noted for their garish decor (usually celebrating Jar-eel the Razoress) and ostentatious exteriors (complete with a glowing and revolving Red Moon). They have spread from the original restaurant in Dragon Pass (now closed) into the Empire. The flagship restaurant is in Glamour, and often boasts the presence of Beatpot Aelwrin himself in it's kitchens.

Unfortunately, the restaurants have recently come under attack from some elements of the religious establishment who regard the restaurant's concept and execution as blasphemous and disrespectful to Rufelza. In addition, close supporters of Great Sister have also outrageously questioned the culinary and nourishment value of many of the dishes served!

You have chain restaurants in Furthest, Mirin's Cross, Filichet, Ebon City, Oarz, Doblian City, and Glamour. your original restaurant in Prax (at Moonbroth) was burned down many years ago by bison riders, and nothing has been heard from the Boldhome restaurant since the Lunar Army withdrew from there.

The late Sultan of Doblian was the main backer of the chain, but he was executed after last year's purge. You need to find another prominent backer. Further financial backing is provided by Didius Copernicus, Dean of the Field School of Magic.

Bellex Maximus is the name given to the Imperial Warlord, commander of all of the Empire's military forces. This rank was once preserved for the Red Emperor himself.

The first Bellex Maximus was General Parg Ilisi in 2/30. However, his brutal and demented actions against Twice Blessed cause him to be removed from the post when the Emperor learned of his actions. The position did not exist again until the time of the mask Reclusus, when it was held by the Steel Proxy, whose face was hidden by a steel mask.

With the ascension of the mask Ignifer the Steel Proxy retired for a time, only returning after Ignifer was wounded during the siege of Boldhome.

The Steel Proxy has continued to hold the position of Bellex Maximus up to the present day.

The Moonsword Cult is a special sub-cult of Yanafal Tarnils for military heroes of the Empire. Candidates must be recommended by Jar-eel. Those who are accepted are given their steel Moonsword by Moonson himself.

You are the high priest of the Moonsword sub-cult.

The Moonboats are magical aerial craft, propelled by the moonlight. Within the Empire, they are used for rapid transport of troops and supplies. Their use beyond the Glowline is more limited, as the cyclical phases of the Moon and the untamed forces of Storm can leave them grounded or even damaged.

The Crimson Bat is a monstrous Chaotic demon, the Empire's ultimate deterrent. Once unleashed, it devours all who oppose it, a terrifying weapon of atrocity which has greatly aided the peace-making efforts of the Red Army. The Chief Feeder of the Crimson Bat controls this demon, taking orders from the Director of the Field School of the Lunar College of Magic.

The Bloodspillers is an elite cavalry regiment of the Imperial Guard, who only recruit the best from other Imperial guard regiments. They fight just as well on foot as on horseback. This regiment is your own personal command.


  • Aelwrin has a long lost sister.

  • Aelwrin's Pentan birth-name is Walks with Shadows.

  • Aelwrin is desperately and jealously in love with Jar-Eel.

  • There are two types of officer, murdering officers and killing officers. The former enjoy battle and care nothing for their men, the latter do what they have to in order to achieve their mission, but do try and look after their men. Your men consider you a killing officer, and most others as murdering officers!

  • Tactically, the Gate of Four Beasts controls access to Glamour.

Special Items

  • A Kitchen Meatcleaver. A momento of the Aggar slave revolt.

  • Silver Moonsword. Handed to you by Moonson himself. Your badge of office as high priest of the Moonsword cult.

  • Loyal lackey. Your old battle comrade and chosen man, Petronius Harpus, is a very useful chap to have around.

Character Notes

Your character is partially inspired by Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels, about a British officer promoted from the ranks in Wellington's Peninsular army. These novels have also been dramatised for television.

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