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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson

Fazzur Wideread

Tarshite Usurper

Age: 64
Career: Military
Religion: Yanafal Tarnils
Culture: Lunar Tarsh
Disposition: Honourable and brilliant
The Red Moon

Note: Bellex Maximus will receive this additional character sheet if (1) Moonson Argenteus dies; (2) he is recognised by someone who knew Fazzur when he removes his mask, or (3) he sees the bloody severed head of his son, Onjur Fazzurson. Don't ask how we referees manage these things: it's a Mystery!

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Your earlier character sheet was a lie imposed upon you by evil mind control techniques! You are in fact Fazzur Wideread, the brilliant general and reluctant usurper. Everyone thought you were dead, killed by assassins.

You were a brilliant and successful general in the Lunar Army until 1622 when your failures at Whitewall and in Esrolia led to your dismissal. After a period of reflection you were appointed to lead King Pharandros of Tarsh's reserve army.

When Boldhome fell and a Dragon ate Tatius the Bright and half of the Sartar Occupation Army at the Temple of the Reaching Moon, you were on hand to stem the tide and hold back the barbarian hordes. Your only thanks from Pharandros was to be dismissed again for his own petty political gain.

Pharandros then began to use the Provincial Army as his own private army and sought to impose new war taxes on the clans of Tarsh. When the clans rightly protested the army was used to cow them and their leaders were treacherously murdered or enslaved.

You used all of the friends you had made during your army service to seek help and justice from the Red Emperor and his Provincial Governor, Appius Luxius, to halt Pharandros' mad ambitions - but to no avail.

In the end there was only one thing to do - you fought back. Gathering the clans, you and your sons led them in a war against Pharandros and his supporters.

Your campaign would have succeeded were it not for you falling out with all but one of your sons (Onjur the Poet). While in Esrolia you had fallen in love with Queen Hendira of the Red Earth Alliance. When the alliance fell apart you managed to save her and bring her to Tarsh where she became your mistress, bearing you a baby daughter. Unfortunately, the wife of your sons was a jealous woman and she worked her evil magic on them and inspired them to cruelly murder Hendira and attempt to murder your baby.

You arrived too late to save Hendira (your daughter survived), and in a rage slew your wife and all of your murderous sons. Then, in a fit of remorse, you retired from the war, leaving its direction in the hands of Onjur and your nephew Annstad.

It was then that the Blue Moon assassins found you. But instead of murdering you they secretly kidnapped you, and left behind convincing evidence of your death.

You were taken to Blue Army headquarters deep in the Lunar Heartlands and there brainwashed by Marshall Fyodr Volkovos himself. He sought to use your brilliant military mind to serve the Lunar Empire under his own direction.

The previous Bellex Maximus was removed and you were put in his place. General Zhaduun Ud-kar was also murdered so that he could be used as a cover for your appointment to the position. The plan might have worked, but for the strength of your mind and will-power.

Now you must decide whether to reveal your true identity or not. You must also decide where you stand on the issue of Lunar Tarsh and the failure of the Red Emperor to rule justly and wisely.

Will you save this Empire, reforming it from within? Or should you ensure its utter destruction?


Lunar Tarsh

You were born in one of the formerly barbaric kingdoms of south Peloria which embraced the Lunar Way. Your kingdom is ruled by a descendant of the great King Phargentes, one Pharandros by name. He has abused his powers and sought to cow and enslave the proud clans of his kingdom by treachery and all out civil war.

Each of the Provinces sends annual tribute to the Red Emperor through the Provincial Governor at Mirin's Cross, and provides manpower for the Provincial Army. They get little in return. No support against local tyrants, little help against foreign invaders, and no representation.

Lunar Tarsh is loyal to the Red Goddess, but there is little, if any, loyalty to the Red Emperor, his ineffective Governor, or their rapacious tax collectors!

The Comrades of Yanafal Tarnils

You are a devotee of Yanafal Tarnils, Lunar God of War. Yanafal Tarnils was one of the Seven Mothers, and his cult defines how the perfect Lunar soldier should behave. Most of his worshippers are career officers in the Red Army; the Scimitars of Yanafal are heroes of the Empire.

The followers of Yanafal Tarnils are honourable men, known to one another as Comrades of Yanafal; you address each other as 'Comrade General,' 'Comrade Satrap,' etc. You pride yourself on your skill with the scimitar, the sacred weapon of the cult, and are happy to resolve disputes over matters of honour by duelling.

As Imperial Warlord you are the High Priest of the Cult of Yanafal Tarnils.

The Imperial Lunar Army

You have followed a career in the Lunar Army. For young men and women of good standing entry to the army is made via the Yanafal Tarnil's Office Corps. After a probationary period officers are assigned junior officer positions in Lunar regiments and to the general staff. They then rise through a hierarchy of positions until they finally gain the Captaincy of a regiment. Patronage plays an important part in an officer's progress.

A few lucky Captains may be posted to the Staff College of Polaris, and from there enter the General Staff as Comrade Generals of the Army.

The head of the Lunar Army is General Bellex Maximus, the premier warrior and general of the Lunar Way.

Who You Know (Additional)

Personal Acquaintances

Beatpot Aelwrin, General of the Imperial Bodyguard: he used to be a mere slave and led a rebellion in Aggar which Jar-Eel managed to put down. She and he fell in love and she managed to get him a pardon even though many were baying for his blood. She brought him to you and you took him under your wing.

He became your best military "fixer" in Sartar. You gave him the hardest jobs and missions to do, and rewarded him well when he accomplished them. He is a fine soldier and you were proud to be his patron. You'd like to help him now - you have rather a soft spot for this brash, down to earth and brilliant warrior. He reminds you of your sons.

Fyodr Volkhovos, Marshall of the Blue Army: a very dangerous man, who thinks he still controls you. You'd like to get your revenge on him.

Jar-Eel the Razoress: you liked her very much as a person, but not as a Hero of the Empire! You did her a favour by taking Beatpot under your wing.

Through your Career

Jubba the Hood, Imperial Bureaucrat: once Tatius the Bright's brilliant spy chief. He is closely allied to the Assiday family. He is unlikely to have changed occupation!

Murad Iznik, General of the Red Army: he served under you in Sartar, and then under Sor-Eel in Prax. He was always a loyal subordinate.

Through your Religion

Sor-Eel the Short, retired General: one of your loyal generals during the invasion of Sartar. He was competent as a general, but a better politician - which was why you sent him to Pavis. When he was removed after the Cradle incident there were rumours of corruption.

Lergius Cassius, General commanding Lunar forces in Dragon Pass: a competent and loyal general from the ranks, though of limited intelligence. He chose to be loyal to Pharandros and the Provincial Army when you led the rebellion. This you could understand, but now you know that he killed your beloved son Onjur your emotions towards him are strained. Did he enjoy it? Did he revel in it? Surely he must have done if he brought your son's head with him to Glamour?

General Roan-ur, commander of Lunar forces in Aggar: a brutal, evil and dangerous man who does not know honour or care for human life. You were close to exposing his crimes when you were removed


Additional Objectives


  1. Bring justice to the Lunar Empire, through its reform or its destruction. Seek to become Moonson yourself if you feel the Empire is worth saving. You have the Mandate of the Moon! But first Moonson must be removed!

  2. Find your baby daughter! She is the last memory you have of sweet Hendira!

New Secrets

  • You are actually Fazzur Wideread, the brilliant general.

  • You have an incredible knowledge of military matters, both past and present.

  • You had recurring nightmares that you did not tell anyone about.

  • You were brainwashed by the Blue Army and forced to serve them.

  • The strategic points in Glamour are the Citadel of Halfway, the Gate of the Four Beasts, and the Imperial Treasury.

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