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Reaching Moon Megacorp's Life of Moonson


King of Aggar

Age: 37 (looks older)
Career: Hereditary King
Religion: Ancestor Worship
Culture: Aggar
Disposition: Grasping and covetous
The Red Moon
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The Kingdom of Aggar is the westernmost of the Lunar Provinces, and the one least tamed by the Lunar sway. You were born in its only major large settlement, the City of 10,000 Magicians. You grew up in relative comfort, albeit in a remote area, the second son of the ruling king. It was your elder brother who succeeded to the throne.

However, your brother made the classic error of choosing to join in the great Kree Mountain rebellion against Lunar control. Seizing your chance, you led an army loyal to the Lunars to assist General Roan-ur in his 'conquest' and pacification of Aggar, impressing him with your technical skill and popular command of your troops. You were the obvious candidate for the throne and you became the new king.

Since then you have ruled wisely and prosperously. You lose no opportunity to find new ways of raising money to enrich yourself. You love to hoard gold, silver, gems and other precious things. You only help others if they gift you generously.

However, recently the actions of General Roan-ur in his continuing efforts to put down the Kree Mountain rebellion have been disrupting your rule and costing you money. This must stop! Perhaps more worrying, there have been increasing reports of Chaos monstrosities coming down from the Autumn mountains and running amok amongst your people. You suspect that General Roan-ur is losing control of his feared Chaos Legion and a great disaster may be close.

Also, you fear that your brother may still be alive (you know he is not dead - you can't contact his spirit) and seeking to murder you and take the throne.

You must stop Roan-ur and your brother!

In order to solve these problems you need to increase your status at the Imperial court and in the Provincial Government. You need allies to help you have Roan-ur removed or his actions curtailed. You would also like to increase your dominions to the east - all the lands west of the Black Eel river should rightfully be yours (as they were in your ancestors time). To incorporate the Provincial capital, Mirin's Cross, within your lands would be a major coup.

This is why you are in Glamour for the end of year festivities and the new-year renewal of the Empire.

While you are here you also need to present to the Emperor his Seven-Year Plan monopoly quotas. You also hope to persuade him to let you buy further monopolies.

Perhaps there will also be the opportunity for your favourite pastime of gambling!


The Kingdom of Aggar

Aggar was unified by the Lunar aid to one of its indigenous tribes in order to build the City of 10,000 Magicians which guards the rich crystal mines in the Eastern Autumn Mountains.

Previous to the Lunar invasion the region was ruled by a number of Orlanthi tribes who raided each other and rarely co-operated.

The kingdom is now governed by the descendants of the ruling family of the tribe which the Lunars helped.

Ancestor Worship

While paying lip service to the official Lunar religion, you are devotee of ancestor worship. Your tribe was one of the few in Aggar which revered their ancestors more than Orlanth, and this may explain why the Lunars favoured the tribe.

However, you do count Orlanth and his kin as some of your ancestors (a fact not known by the Lunars) and this makes you wary of persecuting their worship too much.

You can call on your ancestors to help you with historical questions concerning the region and with specialist magics.

Government in Aggar

You are the ruler of Aggar by divine right, and the strength of your tribe (as well as the threat of the Lunars). Most of the other tribes accept this, for now.

The only people not to accept your rule are the rebels on Kree mountain (deep inside the Autumn mountains) who continue to hold out against General Roan-ur.

However, the presence of General Roan-ur and his forces continually undermines your rule in Aggar proper. His troops steal, rape and pillage your lands almost with impunity. Increasingly he ignores your protests and fails to make reparations. It is disrupting your precious taxes and undermining your authority.




  1. Gain as much status and wealth as possible. Accept bribes whenever possible.

  2. Gamble at every opportunity.

  3. Find and kill your elder brother in case he returns to claim the throne.

  4. Increase your political rank and standing within the Empire by seeking higher offices and other minor offices.

  5. Acquire new and lucrative monopolies.

  6. Teach that young hypocrite Paulis Longvale a lesson he won't forget in a hurry!


  1. Ensure that the Red Emperor exerts control over General Roan-ur and his chaos forces.

  2. Increase your influence with the Provincial Government. Ensure that Mirin's Cross is ceded to Aggar.

  3. Ensure that the outstanding tax revenues are paid to the Lunars at your convenience.


  1. Resist attempts by the Lunars to increase their religious conversions and missionary work in Aggar.

  2. Get the blessing of Great Sister.

  3. Seek written confirmation from a least two Examiners of the Moon that the Red Goddess does not regard gambling as impious or sacrilegious.

Who You Know

Personal Acquaintances

Appius Luxius, the Provincial Overseer: he is the true ruler of the Provinces and commands the military, religious, and bureaucratic arms of the Provincial Government. You have always shown him great hospitality when he has visited and he seems to like you a lot. He is rumoured to be a son of the Emperor.

General Roan-ur, commander of the Lunar forces in Aggar: a ruthless general who is seeking to put down the continuing rebellion in the Autumn mountains. Early on in your reign he seemed reasonable and troubled you little. However, his lack of success with the rebellion seems to have unhinged his mind. His Chaos Legion is feared by the rebels and common Lunar soldiers alike. He, too, is rumoured to be a son of the Emperor.

Through your Career

Jubba the Hood, Imperial functionary: you met this man when he was an aide to Tatius the Bright. Since the death of his master he has joined the Imperial Bureaucracy and seems to have done well for himself. Could he help you get an audience with the Emperor?

Quinscion the Patient, General of Procurements and Disbursements: a money-grubbing irritation on the one hand, dispenser of Imperial gifts on the other. Your revulsion for this leech is tempered by your wish to screw him for as much as possible. Recently he has been sending you increasingly rude missives about missing tax revenues, suggesting you have gambled them away. This is actually true (a bad bet on a horse race), but your treasure chest will easily be able to fund the missing moneys. You find it amusing to string him along and pretend you don't have the money - it will get him into trouble with his boss, Ivex Devouring Dog, the Imperial Tax collector!

Lergius Cassius, General of the Provincial Army: you know little of this general except that he is considered an honourable man. Could he replace Roan-ur?

Senator Paulis Longvale, author and supposed wit: This malicious little swine dared to mock you in his Advantages of Barbarism and Ignorance, a sarcastic and patronising work which scorns the Lunar Empire's barbarian enemies and friends. It has come to your notice that he, himself, is the son of a barbarian king! You wish to expose him for the hypocrite that he is!

Phirgia, Queen of Holay: an unruly and untrustworthy leader of her people. Hers lands are ripe for the plucking. can you somehow subvert her authority and question her loyalty and competence to govern?


Other Knowledge

The Lunar Provinces. There are four major kingdoms making up the Lunar Provinces: Tarsh, Holay, Vanch and Aggar. Each provides valuable resources to the Empire, in terms of taxes, trade and manpower. Additionally, they serve as a buffer against the primitive barbarian cultures further afield. Each province has its own political structure, but always leaning towards the Empire. The Provincial Government's home is at Mirin's Cross, where the Provincial Overseer, Appius Luxius, resides.

The Seven Year Plan is the mechanism by which the major food and raw material requirements of the Empire are centrally planned and provided for. At the beginning of each seven year period every sultanate and province agrees to quotas of important foodstuffs and other raw materials and goods which they must achieve over a seven year period.

A seven year plan has just ended and each of the sultanates and provinces will be audited this a sacred time on their results. Success is usually the route to promotion and Imperial favour, while failure is a sure road to political humiliation.

You held the Autumn Mountains Silver monopoly for the past seven year plan. You will be offered first refusal to buy it for the next plan, for twelve influence. You know that it will only produce 1 card of Silver, which can be traded to the Red Dancer of Power for just three influence.

The silver being mined is low due to the high incidence of disease amongst your miners. Most have malignant sores and protrusions, some have even been reported as growing tentacles!

You also held the Autumn Mountains Tin monopoly. You will be offered first refusal to buy it for the next plan, for four influence. You know that it will produce 1 card of Tin, which can be traded to the Red Dancer of Power for four influence.


  • King Rascius' older brother is still alive.

  • General Roan-ur is out of control and probably mad.

  • King Rascius is very very rich.

  • King Rascius enjoys gambling.

  • King Rascius is a pagan.

Special Items

  • Bejewelled Eye Patch. You lost your eye when you battled your elder brother during the civil war. You took his arm, he took your eye. All magical attempts to restore your sight have failed.

  • The Hound of Black Jacey. This is your finest fighting dog, bred over many generations from a magical dog which your great great grandfather heroquested for. It is not only very fierce but its sense of smell is incredible. It can infallibly track down a target when a sample of their scent is given to it.

  • The Fastest Chariot Team in Aggar. These horses are your pride and joy. You have won many a wager on them. Can a chariot race be arranged in Glamour?

  • Great Wealth (item). This card is a representation of the fantastic wealth that you hold in your treasury in Aggar. It can be used to pay taxes, fund expeditions, and buy status.

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