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Life of Moonson Careers

by Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow and David Hall,

with Kevin Jacklin, Rick Meints and MOB

The Red Moon
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Yours is one of the nine full sultanates of the Lunar Empire. Each is governed by a powerful ruling family responsible for extracting the emperor's taxes, protecting the people, assuring respect for the Red Goddess, and enforcing the emperor's personal commands. Your family holds large estates across the sultanate and commands a large private army.

However, you must always be on your guard since your family only holds this sultanate for as long as you have the power. You have many noble family rivals who wish to remove you in a Dart War and take your place.

As a sultan of the Empire you are eligible to sit on the Court of the Silver Gate.

The Imperial Bureaucracy

(Courtiers in the Imperial Household)

You have followed a career in the Imperial Governmental bureaucracy. Young men of good family study to pass the exams which will win them appointment to junior secretarial posts. Success brings promotion, at first to roving assignments, then to the Imperial Senate, and finally to a position in the Imperial Household as one of Moonson's trusted confidants. It is in the corridors of power that the fate of the Empire is determined.

The Chamberlain of the Imperial Household is Mikos Thiokonos, a devoted servant of Moonson.

The Imperial Government

(Provincial Governors)

You have followed a career in the Imperial Government. Young men of good family study to pass the exams which will win them appointment to junior secretarial posts. Success brings promotion, at first to roving assignments, then to the Imperial Senate, and finally to a Governorship in one of the Empire's outlying provinces. It is in the corridors of power that the fate of the Empire is determined.

The Chamberlain of the Imperial Household is Mikos Thiokonos, a devoted servant of Moonson.

The Imperial Senate

(The Speaker of the Senate)

You have followed a career in the Imperial Senate. Young men of good family study to pass the exams which will win them appointment to junior secretarial posts. Success brings promotion, at first to roving assignments, then to more settled positions in local government and the judiciary, and finally to the Imperial Senate as one of Moonson's trusted advisors. It is in the chamber of the Senate that the fate of the Empire is determined.

Senator Geilbonus is the Speaker of the Imperial Senate.



Foreign Governments

Powerful People



The Imperial Lunar Army

You have followed a career in the Red Army. For young men and women of good standing entry to the army is made via the Yanafal Tarnil's Office Corps. After a probationary period officers are assigned junior officer positions in Lunar regiments and to the general staff. They then rise through a hierarchy of positions until they finally gain the Captaincy of a regiment. Patronage plays an important part in an officer's progress.

A few lucky Captains may be posted to the Staff College of Polaris, and from there enter the General Staff as Comrade Generals of the Army.

The head of the Lunar Army is General Bellex Maximus, the premier warrior and general of the Lunar Way.

The Lunar Auxiliaries

You have followed a career as an officer of auxiliaries in the Lunar Army. The tribal allies of the Lunar Empire send detachments of their bravest men and women to fight for the Empire, commanded by officers drawn from their own traditional rulers. Junior liaison officers from the Heartland Corps' cult of Yanafal Tarnils are attached to these auxiliary regiments, to integrate their operations with those of the regular army.

The size of the auxiliary forces was agreed long ago by treaties between Moonson and your ruler, and your people are richly rewarded for the service you render the Empire.

The supreme commander of the Lunar Army is General Bellex Maximus, the premier warrior and general of the Lunar Way. Your forces are loyal to both the Empire and your homeland.

The Field School of Magic

The Field School is an overall umbrella organisation which incorporates all of the magical regiments and entities of the Empire (including those affiliated to universities). The Dean's role is to supervise, organise and direct the use of these groups in the Lunar war effort, as well as defining tactical and strategic doctrine around the use of magic on the battlefield.

Didius Copernicus is the current Dean of the Field School of Magic.

The Blue Army

You have followed a career in the Blue Army, the secret counterpart of the Red Army.

Its role is to investigate military threats from outside the empire and corruption, incompetence and disloyalty inside the military. It consists of the Guides, exploring officers sent deep into enemy territory; the Assassins; the Provosts or Military Police and the Blue Moon School military interrogators. Its goddess is Annilla, mistress of the tides, and for this reason it includes the surface fleet, mainly river boats on the Oslir, Poralistor and Arcos rivers, and small ships on the Sweet Sea and Thunder Delta.

The Blue Army is commanded by Marshal Fyodr Volkovos.

The Black Army

You are a member of the Black Army, the Imperial Secret Police. The Lunar Empire is a peaceful and prosperous place to live, where the benefits of civilisation are cherished and nurtured. Crime is contained and dissent confined to a few pacifists and religious extremists. Toleration of all traditions is the byword of an official policy that actively promotes diversity and innovation. The price of this freedom is eternal vigilance.

Aware of the inevitability of change and disruption, the Lunar Empire maintains highly efficient covert agencies to nip such threats in the bud. At its highest levels, the cult of Danfive Xaron operates a sub-cult called the Black Army. This is organised along military lines to provide an internal security force for the Empire. As the Red Army defends the Empire against attacks from without, so the Black Army defends it against threats from within.

Openly, it is represented by units such as your regiment, the Grim Soldiers, responsible for keeping order in the city of Glamour Covertly, it maintains a network of spies and informers, known as "The Unspoken Word" who watch for potentially disruptive activities. The agents are mostly Initiates, former Penitents who report back to the Catechumens and Overseers who are the officers of the Army. Elite units stand ready to take action to ensure that the everyday life of the Empire proceeds in an orderly and cyclical pattern.




Foreign Governments

Powerful People



The Lunar Colleges of Magic

You have followed a career in the Lunar Colleges of Magic. These are universities which provide both academic and religious training to those lucky enough to be chosen to attend them or rich enough to pay.

Most often graduates leave to join the central bureaucracy, local government, religious hierarchy or military. Those who remain form the core of the Magical Regiments which are maintained by each university.

The Lunar Academy


You have followed a career, not in the flashy, high-profile field of the Lunar College of Magic, but in the more studious and refined surroundings of the Lunar Academy. Academicians immerse themselves in all fields of Lunar knowledge, striving to improve the lore of the Empire, and to improve the Empire through their lore. The libraries of the Lunar Academy contain the fruits of these researches: here can be found all True Knowledge that has been gathered by the scholars and sages of the Empire.

Your own specialist field has been geography: you are widely known as the finest cartographer and savant of the age. Your colleagues recently chose you to hold the rank of Chief Academician of the Lunar Academy.

Your title Red Sage of Glamour is in fact the title of your prestigious University Chair which is financed by Great Sister herself.

The Carmanian College of Magi

You have followed a career in the Carmanian College of Magi. Only the wisest students of Holy Law are permitted within the precincts of the Temple of Carmanos at Brinnus. Here, they study constantly how to determine the Truth through examination, investigation, purification. The Magi alone are permitted to commune directly with the Wise Lord: the Carmanians know how religions can be corrupted by their worshippers, and have preserved the purity of their own through this exclusivity. (Interestingly, the cult of the Red Goddess has learned this lesson, admitting only those who can pass the scrutiny of the Examiners).

The most senior member of the College of Magi is the Hierophant of Carmania: Brostangian Archmoor.

Red Moon Illumination

Illumination is a state of inner enlightenment which it is necessary to attain before one can worship the Red Goddess fully. It was first taught by Nysalor, who spread the teaching by seemingly contradictory riddles which provided spiritual insights.

In the Lunar Empire, Riddlers are honoured and encouraged. An Illuminate sees cult strictures and taboos as veils to be drawn aside to reveal the truth. Even Chaos is seen as what it really is, just part of an all-embracing cosmos with which the Illuminate is at one.

A select few illuminated Priests of the Red Goddess are called Examiners. They examine likely candidates for illumination, interpret the Goddess's wishes, and examine the faith of others.

White Moon Illumination

The secret doctrine of the Lunar Way holds that the Red Moon is but the current manifestation of the goddess Sedenya. She has existed since the Golden Age before time, and seeks to heal the damaged universe. As Rashorana, she was the power of Illumination manifest in Nysalor the Bright One. As Rufelza, she conquered the Carmanians and rose to the air in her Red Moon body. Her mission will be completed when, as Zaytenera, she shines white across the unity of a healed Glorantha.

The White Moonies know that her transformation is almost complete - the Eight Wane will be the Full Wane of the White Moon!




Foreign Governments

Powerful People


Foreign Governments


(King Rascius)

You are the ruler of Aggar by divine right, and the strength of your tribe (as well as the threat of the Lunars). Most of the other tribes accept this, for now.

The only people not to accept your rule are the rebels on Kree mountain (deep inside the Autumn mountains) who continue to hold out against General Roan-ur.

However, the presence of General Roan-ur and his forces continually undermines your rule in Aggar proper. His troops steal, rape and pillage your lands almost with impunity. Increasingly he ignores your protests and fails to make reparations. It is disrupting your precious taxes and undermining your authority.


The Char-Un follow traditional tribal organisation. You were a boy, tended by your mother until age 14, when you become a rider. Riders are initiated as Warriors around 23, when they may engage in close melee and accept challenges to single combat. They can become Hetmen about the age of 43, Khans at 50 and Elders at 55. King Orgrol is advised by a council of the elders. Wisdom, experience, magical power and above all military prowess are all respected. No dissent is permitted from Orgrol's policy. The Char-Un must be united!


The Queens of Holay rule by benign dictatorship, and sovereignty descends in the female line. As soon as a royal heiress comes of age (when she is able to conceive) the current queen abdicates in favour of her daughter. The daughter - and hence the Queendom - still benefit from the accumulated wisdom of her mother and grandmother while they are still alive.

Thrice Blessed

The Thrice Blessed travel in small clan groups, but acknowledge the wisdom of a Council of Queens which meets each Season festival.

The Queens are the oldest women of the clans. The Eldest Elder negotiates with outsiders. She is the contact for hiring the Thunder Delta Slingers. To address her, visitors must always face and speak to a wondrous rock which holds up the roof of her wigwam. This is sited on a particularly potent power line between the Twin Mountains and the Henge of Yng-Isin, and is the principle focus of devotion of her clan. From it outsiders give her the name "Mrs Flint". She has no special authority over the other Queens, all decisions being taken after debate to form a cheerful consensus.

Zorian Diplomacy

You have come to the Lunar Empire to practice the art of diplomacy, as it is known in Zoria. You will preach the benefits of Peace and Free Love to all who will listen, as well as personifying them in all of your actions at court. Where your other objectives are not compromised you should seek to bring harmony where there is strife, peace where there is conflict, companionship where there is loneliness, and love where there is hate.

You must take as many lovers as is possible. The Grand Orgy should be an ideal opportunity for indulging yourself, and for spreading the Zorian message of "Love, Love, Love."




Foreign Governments

Powerful People


Powerful People

Bellex Maximus

Bellex Maximus is the name given to the Imperial Warlord, commander of all of the Empire's military forces. This rank was once preserved for the Red Emperor himself.

The first Bellex Maximus was General Parg Ilisi in 2/30. However, his brutal and demented actions against Twice Blessed cause him to be removed from the post when the Emperor learned of his actions. The position did not exist again until the time of the mask Reclusus, when it was held by the Steel Proxy, whose face was hidden by a steel mask.

With the ascension of the mask Ignifer the Steel Proxy retired for a time, only returning after Ignifer was wounded during the siege of Boldhome.

The Steel Proxy has continued to hold the position of Bellex Maximus up to the present day.

The Crimson Bat

The Crimson Bat is an awesome chaos demon bound to the service of the Red Goddess. It was once a natural animal, but was horribly mutated by the flood of chaos which infected the world in the Great Darkness, becoming one of the myriad horrors which made up the legions of chaos. It survived the last destructive battles of the Gods War and haunted the Hero Plane thereafter, a nightmare of chaotic might and terror.

In the Third Age, the Red Goddess left her people to visit the elder gods, forging her place among their pantheons to earn her apotheosis. While she was on this heroquest, powerful enemy lords took the opportunity to strike. Their armies converged on her capital. At the climax of the siege, the Goddess returned, riding the Crimson Bat. The battle, a Lunar triumph, was ever after known as the First Battle of Chaos. Since then, the Bat has been the symbol of Lunar chaos, hated by the Empire's foes, and distrusted even by many of the Lunar faithful.

The Bat is an evil. Not even the most loyal Lunar citizens claim otherwise. However, through its evil, it brings great good to the Lunar Empire and thus justifies its existence.

The Emperor's Great Sister

When the Red Goddess ascended into the Air to become the Red Moon, she left behind her earthly humanity. Some of this was used to create her son, the Red Emperor, and the rest, her human femininity, became the Emperor's Great Sister.

The task of Great Sister is to balance the Emperor, to be strong when he is weak, to be compassionate when he is unconcerned, to be gentle when he is harsh. Like the Emperor, time cannot harm Great Sister, though she may be killed. On her death, her essence seeks a new body in which to incarnate, usually one of the Emperor's family. There is a search through the Empire to find the new Great Sister, who is identified by physical features and through divination.

Great Sister last died in the Fifth Wane, in circumstances which are alleged to have involved a stallion.

Jar-Eel the Razoress

You are a superhero. You are one of a tiny handful of men and women in Glorantha with powers to match the gods themselves. But with great power comes great responsibility, Your very actions have a mythic importance, embodying the hopes and aspirations of your society. You an inspiration to millions of Lunar Citizens, many of whom worship you as a goddess, and must act accordingly. You must seek always for the Good, to right wrongs and defend the innocent, without fear or hesitation. Wherever Evil rears its head you must strike for Truth, Justice and the Lunar Way!

The Red Dancer of Power

You designed the planned economy upon which the prosperity of the Lunar Empire is based. Your actions also guide and dictate the economic cycles.

Your dances send you into a trance where you can feel the tides of the Moon and calculate your economic policies accordingly. You have to ensure that the economy is growing or in recession depending on the mythic forces of the wane. The Seven Year Plans are designed to provide epicycles which even out these boom/bust tendencies and alleviate their possible adverse effects on the ordinary citizens.

Within the fiscal domain Moonson controls the tax demons which ensure the collection of Taxes and you oversee the seven Monopolies. These monopolies are Salt, Paper, Hazia, Glass, Steel, Silver and Gin.

You thus control and direct much, but not all, of the economy of the Lunar Empire.




Foreign Governments

Powerful People

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