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Life of Moonson Backgrounds

by Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow and David Hall,

with Kevin Jacklin, Rick Meints and MOB

The Red Moon
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Gloranthan Folk Tales

Gloranthan Songbook

Moonie Madness

Carmanian Sources

Malkioni Scriptures




Major Cultures





Lunar Cults

Dara Happan Cults

Foreign Religions




Foreign Governments

Powerful People

After the nightmare of How the West was One (where it felt like we were writing each character's theology and history on a case by case basis), we decided to adopt a more modular approach to player background material for Life of Moonson. As almost all the players were "Lunar," the material in the Rough Guide to Glamour was equally useful to everyone. For more details, we divided the basic elements of each character's background into Culture, Religion and Career, and then mixed and matched as appropriate. This way, we didn't need to reinvent "common knowledge" between character sheets.


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