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The Prophecy of the Dark Emperor

by Kana Poor, the Scribe of Time

The Red Moon
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Behold, a child shall be born, who shall be called the Moon Child. On Its forehead will be the Runes of Life and Chaos and the Moon. There shall be a time of Great Tribulation. The Red Emperor shall truly die, and there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then the Moon Child shall come from the North, and take the three-pronged crown. It shall sit upon the Pearl Throne and be called the White Emperor. Yet Its true name shall be Wakboth the Devil. Every six hundred years It comes, until It is destroyed. Its Empire shall be called the Monster Empire. Anyone with compassion will be seen as a willing victim. The Ice will come, and It will laugh. It will smear the people of Peloria like jelly. It will decorate Its crown with the living bodies of a thousand high priests and priestesses, each of which serves a god of some unspeakable vice, corruption, perversion or mutation. It shall give Rule to Ragnaglar the Mad, to Thed Mother of Foulness and to Malia Mistress of Disease, Its Unholy parents. Its eyes will be evil. It will excrete filth from Its visage. It will poison existence with Its very being!

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