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Red Storm Season

Kalikos-Class Icebreaker

The Red Moon
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Length: 400 feet
Beam (hull): 30 feet
(outrigger): 44 feet


12 feet
  Prow and stern rise to 60 feet above the water line
Oar Banks: Three banks of oars, 1000 oars each side
Oar Length: 57 Feet (Upper bank)
Complement: 2000 rowers (8 per oar, top bank; 7 per oar, mid bank; 5 per oar, lowest bank)
  100 deck hands and crew
  1000 marines
Main Armament: Silver and steel reinforced ram

2x Spear of Lodril fire siphon
1 x Moon Spear
1 x Harpoon
1 x Lithobolos

Propulsion: Only those Xaroni penitents guilty of the most heinous crimes, serial murders, rape, blasphemy and sacrilege are permitted to serve the Icebreakers. No service, save that upon the Styx Galleys of the Black Sea Fleet, is more eagerly sought by those anxious to purge away the deepest guilt. Only on its five-man oars can they feel the joy of full atonement.
Notes: By moving Rowers and Ballast to the rear, the prow can be raised out of the water and, if there is sufficient snow for the oars to press against, it can run on its skis over the Glacier. It is fully enclosed and submersible. The top deck can be covered and the oar-locks are sealed.

Hammer & Sickle

Empty Half Day, Illusion Week, Dark Season: The 400-foot Kalikos-class Icebreaker Red Storm Season slips out of Joranit into the Thunder Delta. The 2,000 Xaroni Penitents bend their backs to the oars. To the rhythm of the lash they rumble out the Song of the Oslir Boatmen. The crimson glow-spot lighting the under-deck cannot disguise the frost forming on their beards and loincloths.

Hammer & Sickle

Crescent Going Day, Illusion Week, Dark Season: Red Storm Season's curved silver-clad prow slices the rumbling pack-ice. The Yanafali are working in shifts to keep its blade sharpened.

Hammer & Sickle

Empty Half Day, Disorder Week, Storm Season: Captain Marka gives the order to submerge. Heavy blizzards obscure the surface of the glacier.

Hammer & Sickle

Dying Moon Day, Disorder Week, Storm Season: The Twin Stars report to the Red Admiral. They have lost contact with Red Storm Season...

Hammer & Sickle

Has Valind triumphed? Have the Wolf-Pirates succeeded in navigating the tunnel linking the White Sea to the Ocean? Or is there truth in the disturbing evidence linking Marka to the Cult of the Invisible Orlanth? Does she intend to hand over the vessel to the Sartarite rebels? The Red Admiral knows the Icebreaker must be returned at any cost. The chase is on...

The Hunt for Red Storm Season

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