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These are the seasonal holy days of the Lunar Cults found at Moonbroth Oasis.

  • The High Holy Day of the Red Goddess is Wildday (Full Moon) of Motion Week in Fire Season.
  • The High Holy Day of the Seven Mothers is Godsday (Full Half) of Disorder Week in Dark Season.
  • The High Holy Day of Etyries is Wildday (Full Moon) of both weeks of Sacred Time.

Moon Goddesses: Each of the Seven Mothers is also associated with one of the earlier incarnations of the Lunar Goddess. In Holy Week of each season (the week leading up to the Holy Day of the Red Goddess), their rituals are performed day by day in sequence at the Seven Mothers Temple; thus, the priestesses of Teelo Norri carry out the Verithurusan Ritual at the start of Holy Week, and so on through until its culmination in the Holy Day of the Red Goddess (which includes the rites to Zaytenera, not shown on the calendar above).

She Who Waits: the unnamed servant of the Seven Mothers has no publicly celebrated holy days. Her sub-cult is called that of the "Secret Moon" by those few lay people who are even aware that it exists. Although every priestess of the Seven Mothers has devoted a month or more of her life to this sub-cult's service, none of them ever talk about their experiences afterwards, and indeed many appear to have no memory of anything that occurred during this time. No priestesses devoted to the Secret Moon are known to the masses. And some Seven Mothers priestesses never return from their period of service to She Who Waits.

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