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In all, barring complications and diversions, the 1700 key mile journey from Haranshold in Carmania to Sog City in Fronela is a good season's worth of travel. Long ago, when the river route was not blocked by the Ban or, as it is now, the Kingdom of War, such a journey took little more than fourweeks, and required little more effort than keeping the riverboat straight with the prevailing current. These days, the river journey ends approximately half-way; from there, one must make the rest of the way over land. We at Lonely Lozenge recommend the following route:

The West was of course cut off from the Lunar Empire by the Syndics' Ban for many years, but with its gradual lifting, epic trade opportunities abound and Lunar traders and missionaries have not been slow to take up the challenge, restoring old trade links and forging new ones. The best way to get to the West then, is to join one of the numerous trade caravans.

Many such caravans set out from the Carmanian of Harandash, located at the confluence of the Sweet Sea and a the Poralistor river in our West Reaches. You may feel some trepidation leaving the bustling port of Harandash, and with it Lunar civilisation and the reassuring presence of the Onyx and Agate Phalanxes. Be reassured though, that you are travelling into a mostly civilised rather than barbaric region, and you can in fact stay part of a Lunar caravan for much of the journey.

Trade must first travel by water into the West, for the impenetrable grey mist of the Ban still shrouds the whole south coast of the Sweet Sea. Numerous flat barges ply the Sweet Sea, and will take you as far as the recently-established trading post at the mouth of the Janube. Some bargemen prefer to hug the northern coastline of the Sweet Sea during the crossing; others the southern. Whichever you take is unfortunately fraught with peril: capsize, and if you are washed ashore on the northern coast you'll be met by the savage Bear People of the Rathorelan forest , and if they don't get you the renegade elves there surely will. Swim ashore on the southern coast and you will walk into the swirling mists of the Ban, never to be seen again. Best to find an experienced captain, and avoid making the barge trip in Dark season, when the weather can become uncommonly foul, or Sea Season, when the water wyrms are in heat, and uncommonly playful.

The trading post at the mouth of the Janube is a rough and lawless place, and although there is a large Etyries presence, the folk here owe allegiance to no lord. Here you must engage the services of a river captain to take you further; you are advised to take passage with one of the Lunar captains, who can take you down through the lands of Mortasor, Dona and Timms as far as the city of Riverjoin (this city, it may surprise you, is thoroughly Lunarised, with a fine Lunar Temple in its square).

This boat journey will first take you past the fine city of Galastar, which was cut off even from the river by the Ban and suffered greatly in isolation. It was once noted for its three great towers, each seeming to rise a hundred meters from the river, but one toppled over during the city's isolation. The unique architecture of the Cathedral of St Xemela's-on-the-Hill is an important stop for any student of architecture. It blends conservative early Loskalm Hrestoli influences with the baroque multiple spiky towers of Carmanian churches, all in a plaza that is one of the loveliest between Glamour and Perfe. After Galastar comes the splendid city of Eastpoint, once famous for its Jrusteli ruins and now also for the great Moonboat docking platform, built atop one of these ruins high up in the city's acropolis. This is the last place on your journey to Sog where you can enjoy the familiar comforts of Lunar hospitality (but note that although our missionaries have successfully brought the Lunar Way to the town, the inhabitants have never taken to gin and it is difficult to come by, and when it is, extraordinarily expensive!).

Beyond Eastpoint one comes to Southpoint, a city of dour sun-worshippers. Unfortunately, to travel to Sog one must leave the riverboats here, as the further city of Riverjoin, while comfortably Lunar, is currently being assailed by the Kingdom of War and running the blockade is dangerous. Southpoint has the same reputation for dull moral probity as the Yelmic cities of Dara Happa, but lacks the exciting architecture or magical wonders. Stay in the Lunar hostel, and attempt to join a caravan that intends to travel through the independent province of Karstal and then into Junora, rather than those that make the journey via the Jonatelan capital Okarnia (though if you do go to Okarnia take time to visit the Reliquary Shrine of Jonat, where you can see the fabled animate bones of the kingdom's heroic founder). King Congern of Jonatela violently opposes any signs of Lunar encroachment in his lands; whereas the saintly count of Karstal (while also resistant to Lunar missionaries and influence) openly encourages trade and passage through his lands in an effort to strengthen his position against the king; there you will feel welcome (if you keep your religious views to yourself).

Whatever path is taken, the trade routes take you to the Junoran city of Molene, where you will be surprised to find a great temple to Orlanth, the seditious air-god religion banned within our own borders. The Orlanthi here know little of the Red Goddess's battle for the Middle Air with Orlanth (and care even less). If you can your hold back your religious antipathies for a while, the best inn in the city is the Thunderclap Inn, where they serve fine seagull pasties.

From here, take the road to Einpor, from which an ancient highway runs directly to Sog. Beware of outriders from the Kingdom of War around Einpor; they have made the highway approaches to Einpor sometimes dangerous. It is well worth joining a train that has hired the Red Garter knights for protection, even if this costs you a little more. In Einpor, seek out the famous Red Garter chapter-house, a fine relic of the First Age, and stay at the Hostel of the Chief Equal, an old-fashioned inn established by the order's founder in the chapter-house's grounds.

The ancient highway to from Einpor to Sog (ignore the turn-off to Salona as this region is still under the Ban) is broad and well-travelled, with plenty of comfortable inns along the way. Just remember that mounted knights have absolute right-of-way on the King's Road!

Update (1623), by Ekoorb Two Chin

Sadly, events have superseded the advice given above. Take heed of the following travel advice!

The Kingdom of War besieges the Junoran city of Molene, so take the Jonatelan route via Okarnia rather than travel through Karstal (which has recently been absorbed by the Jonatelan Kingdom anyway). From Okarnia, the caravans now pass through the southern land of Oranor and either make a straight line for the Loskalmi city of Morain, or northwards to the city of Salisor, which only recently emerged from the Ban. We know little of Salisor, save that the Kingdom of War draws close, so we recommend the longer route. Fortunately, once at Morain you are securely within the traditional borders of the Kingdom of Loskalm, where road travel is at least as safe as that in our own Heartlands, though the weather is less fair. You may wish to leave the slower-moving caravan behind you and travel at your own pace. The road to Sog (via Pomona and Salona, two unremarkable towns) is straight and lined with the orderly fields and neat villages of the Loskalmi breadbelt. Inns are generally clean, though often expensive.

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