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Sog prides itself on being an "open city", more because it is lacks a standing army to properly garrison its seventeen key miles of walls, than any underlying philosophy of freedom and liberty the locals might try to convince you about. There are no visa or residency requirements, and entry by land should be free and unhindered at any of the nine main gates into the city. Any Street Judge attempting to charge an entry impost is acting illegally; best to use another way in if such types are encountered. Don't argue the point - they're just as likely to change the impost to a "Road Tax", or even arrest you for impeding traffic while you were arguing with them!

Entry by sea is slightly different. Travellers and immigrants arrive on ships almost daily, but where their ships land depends on who brought them and where they came from. The rival Seshnelan merchant houses Du Tumerine and Capratis have exclusive rights to their own docks, as do the Vadeli. Wherever you land, you will be assailed by all manner of shysters, beggars and confidence men, all out to relieve you of as much of your wealth as they can. Never take passage on a Vadeli ship, for not only will this happen during the journey, but their docks are the most notorious of all.

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