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Sog City has no standing army of its own, relying on the historic debt of nearby nations (e.g. Loskalm) to defend it in its hours of need. Many Sogolothans resent Loskalm's intransigence when Harrek arrived, which has led to the popularity of the apocalyptic Ship and City cult.

The city is too large and disparate to police with traditional law enforcement and courts, and Law and Order is now in the hands of the Street Judges, led by their Chief, Judge Grudd, a former Hrestoli who now claims there are five castes: farmers, knights, wizards, lords and offenders. Street Judges are distinctive by their law rune badges and overbearing, arrogant manners. Keep out of their way, and if arrested, pay the fine if offered whatever it costs. Don't stand on your principles, or you will be taken before the Brithini for judgement at the Church of Holy Law. If by some ill fortune you have got this far, remember that Tapping is a form of state punishment, so it is unwise to annoy the judge by conducting a draining defence!

The Street Judges' headquarters, the Grand Hall of Justice, lies in ruins after Harrek's Sack. Judge Grudd commandeered the Old Stables next door as temporary accommodations, and uses the Polo Ground for training.


A recent statement by Judge Grudd,
Chief Justice and Acting Mayor of Sog:

"Many people find beggars offensive and threatening... there's no need for anyone in Sog City to beg, there's plenty of fulfilling work for all in the great rebuilding programme... nobody begs except through choice.

"If someone begs, they have themselves to blame. Beggars will be arrested and put to work.

"Remember, I am the Law!"


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