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An ancient edict permits only "foot traffic" during daylight, in order to prevent traffic congestion in the city streets. These days the law is only strictly enforced in the marketplaces around the Milion and along the Mese, but before you engage a sedan be warned that the Street Judges could arrest you in any place within the city, and it is the passenger, not the porters, who pays the fine!

Sog City follows Western custom and favours the left side of the wider roadways. Although our Carmanian readers will be familiar with this practice, travellers from other parts of the Empire are warned to take care when crossing streets! The same rule even applies on footpaths: always veer to the left when passing an oncoming citizen; collisions with clumsy tourists often result in virulent abuse, and sometimes a call for the Street Judges! (Despite the Keep Left rule, everyone should take care to watch out for Rokari Knights - the rules of their caste state they must use the right hand side of the road!)

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