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A tourist in Sog cannot afford to miss the annual spectacle of the Boat Race, which is held in the Sea Season break of the university semester. The race actually began as an ancient Waertagi ritual. In the First and Second Ages, the native greenskins would carry a boat through the city streets, reminding the city of its ancient pact with the sea; visiting Waertagi crews would join them. When the blueskinned Waertagi fell out with the greens after they were marooned in the city by the Closing, the next year there were two sacred boats jostling for place down the main strets, each with its crowd of supporters.

And so to the present day. Now, both sides recruit burly university students (with faces painted the appropriate colour!) to carry the dragon-headed boats, ever since the blueskins brought in a band of students from the School of Nautical Studies in 1453 ST. They thrashed the Waertagi green crew, and the victory incited the infamous Boat Riots which destroyed large sections of the city. Humans are innately better at running on land than the Waertagi, but there's still need for a blueskin or greenskin priest to be actually sitting in the boat to guide the ritual. This priest, called the "Cox," is always selected for his small size so he doesn't overburden his crew.

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