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A wave of religious mania has swept across Sog in recent years, and it will be difficult for the tourist to avoid hearing about it. The Cult of the Ship and the City began among the greenskins and blueskins, but with the looming threat of the Kingdom of War it has now spread among the rest of the population.

The cult preaches the return of one or more Waertagi dragonships, to deliver the city from evil. But like all erroneous Western faiths, as it spreads it breaks down into conflicting beliefs and schisms, and we warn you to avoid doctrinal disputes with anyone!

But, so you will be aware of what the prophets of doom expound, know that most greenskins in the city believe that a Great Flood is coming which will sweep away the unrighteous. They believe a ship the size of a city shall come first, to save all who are worthy of a berth. The blues also believe in the Great Flood, but they think the Ship of Salvation must be built by themselves; plans are underway on the Driftwood beach.

Many human citizens follow one or the other of these views, but most see the Kingdom of War as the looming menace, not a clood. A recent sect argues that God will provide the ship if we provide the landing site, and are busy at work clearing a vast space in the ruins near the old cisterns. Another claims that the "Ship" is purely mystical: "Make ready a berth for God in the harbour of your heart!" they cry. Finally, some greens and blues argue the Waertagi boat is only for them, which has not endeared them to the human population.

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