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Public Conveniences

Public pissoirs are provided as a community service by a number of fulling and dying establishments in the Port quarter, but be warned that unlike similar conveniences in certain Lunar cities they are open to the street. There are also public lavatories at the University.

You may be perplexed by the four separate doors to the public lavatories in the Golotha district and the three doors in Rokarlot. These are not divided by sex as we would do in the Empire, but by caste (there are only three doors for the Rokari, as Rokari farmers are expected to pass water in the street). If you are taken short in Golotha, use the door marked with the following sign:

[standard 'Male Toilet' sign, but have the man holding a pitchfork]

This is for Farmers. It may not be commodious or clean as the other doors:

['Male' with spear, 'Male' with pointy hat and wand, slightly larger 'Male' with jodhpurs doing Nazi salute]

but you will avoid unnecessary complications. Of course, it is a time honoured tradition for young bloods enjoying a night on the town to stand as close as they dare and take a sizzling pee against the red-hot walls of the Citadel. Participating in such japes is not advised as, rumour has it, the Brithini have a particularly apt spell to deter errant urinators.


In addition to whatever fee is involved, Sogolothans in general appreciate a small token in return for services rendered. This includes most Street Judges! Unfortunately, certain citizens take violent offence to tips; Rokari, in particular, are taught that service is its own reward; and Hrestoli are only permitted to take gratuities from those of higher station. Note those in the Ship and City faction (the blues) will actually figure their gratuity into the final bill (you'll find it listed as "Magasta's Portion", just after the 3% Ark Levy), so don't tip them twice!


Cataplasis is a drug that promotes a slightly euphoric feeling of well-being, self-confidence and calm equanimity. Some say it is a taste of the Solace one can expect in the Malkioni afterworld, but many sects forbid their members taking it, and no Cataplasis addict can ever be a successful magic caster. It is taken into the body by means of a poultice - a patch worn next to the skin that has been soaked in the active ingredient. This is made droppings of a rare species of waterbird called the gull-raptor that lives on the shores of the Sweet Sea and the banks of the Janube River as far as Galastar. Many in Sog go about their daily affairs, wearing the patch under their clothes. Cataplasis has only two unpleasant side-effects, constipation and excessive perspiration, but addicts will tell you that these discomforts are worth the pleasures Cataplasis brings. Let us warn you though, the drug is extremely addictive and now that the Kingdom of War has shut off river trade once again, extremely expensive! The streets of Sog are now full of desperate addicts, and while Cataplasis patches were once worn ostentatiously as part of the prevailing fashion, they are now hidden on the person secretly.


Lonely Lozenge Travel Scrolls is a small, non-profit organisation which was formed after its predecessor Rough Guide Scrolls (who brought you the "Rough Guide to Boldhome") collapsed following the disappearance of chief researcher Baz Razorpen while writing the ill-advised "Rough Guide to Dorastor". These scrolls receive official encouragement from the Lunar government, and are written for a Lunar audience. References to the "Empire" refer to the Lunar Empire. This scroll was researched about six years ago (1619), and certain descriptions and events are out of date..

"Let Your Guide be Knowledge"


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